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    The Returned

    The Returned poster
    Rating:8.3/10 (29 votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:15 hours 0 minutes (50 minutes per episode)
    Yara Pilartz Céline Sallette Ana Girardot Jenna Thiam
    Carole Franck Constance Dollé Letitia de Fombelle Jérôme Kircher Brune Martin Swann Nambotin Alix Poisson Jean-Francois Sivadier Pierre Perrier Guillaume Gouix Grégory Gadebois Samir Guesmi Clotilde Hesme Frédéric Pierrot Anne Consigny

    In a small Alpine village, a group of men, women and children is in a state of confusion as they try to return to their homes after years of being away. What they don't know is that no one is expecting their arrival because they have been dead for several years. Upon returning, they realize that their friends and family have moved on to the next stages of their lives since the now-returning souls passed on. Coinciding with their reappearance is a series of murders that bears a chilling resemblance to those of a serial killer from the past.

    The Returned season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Jan 8, 2017 50
    TV series takes place in a quiet small town what soon became the center of mysterious events. A several locals who considered to be dead appeared in the town again. The relatives have buried these people and come to terms with the fact that they don’t exist anymore. But somehow returned look completely healthy. Among them, a young guy with a girl who died in a car accident, the child who was killed by unknown and a maniac who kill several victims. When they got home, they think that they are alive and continue to live on. However, their relatives react to this strange behavior in different ways. Someone is trying to get it as a reality, others try to ignore them.
    The Returned season 2 poster

    Season 2

    Jan 8, 2017 38
    Les Revenants season 2 continues to tell the story of a return to the living world of the dead men and their attempts to take the original place in the social and family hierarchy. New season starts 6 months after the Revenants gathered at night before they will disappear. Since then, nothing is known about them. Part of the town flooded. The dam was taken under control, and military support of people who have decided to stay. Authorities don't believe the rumors about the return of the dead. Meanwhile, a stranger named Berg arrives in the town. Very soon after his arrival, the new Revenants begin to appear