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    The Deleted

    The Deleted poster
    Rating:0.0/10 ( votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:2 hours 0 minutes (15 minutes per episode)
    Daniel Zovatto Ian Nelson Spencer Neville Nash Grier Amanda Cerny Madeline Brewer Hamilton Nash Grier big little lies Will Peltz

    The Deleted follows members of a cult in Northern Washington who escaped to Los Angeles and go off the grid. When escapees begin disappearing, they're driven to find one another for protection as nefarious cult leaders hunt them down.

    The Deleted season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Jan 8, 2017 35
    There are many religions in our time. Some of them help people to find the path to the truth and the meaning of life. But other sects are trying to mislead people, take their property, forbidden to communicate with relatives and turn them into zombies. Unfortunately, there are many such organizations now, and young people deprived of basic human companionship and attention goes into it. The action of the series takes place in Los Angeles. In the center of the story are three young people which disappeared without a trace. The underground sect is working here during ten years. Law enforcement agencies have very little information about this organization and trying to expose the activities of the sect. But this does not prevent sect to recruit more young people. It seems that the founders of the sect have a psychological impact for young people and can control their behavior, thoughts of the mind and to instill certain ideas to them. Over time, these people become immoral and do crazy things. Some teenagers got out from under the influence of this sect. Но это было очень сложно. Now they must to conceal. Because if the members of the sect will find them, they will kill them. Now teenagers are constantly in fear and afraid the outside world.