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    Shots Fired

    Shots Fired poster
    Rating:0.0/10 ( votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:7 hours 30 minutes (45 minutes per episode)
    Sanaa Lathan Stephan James Stephan James Helen Hunt Richard Dreyfuss Stephen Moyer
    Jill Hennessy Dewanda Wise Claire-Hope Ashitey Conor Leslie Will Patton Mack Wilds Aisha Hinds

    A black officer shoots a white teen in a racially charged Tennessee town. Considering the unusual circumstances of this case, two out-of-town black prosecutors are brought in to sort through the evidence and find out what really happened. As the community grows anxious and the country is buzzing, Preston Terry and Ashe Bell must keep personal bias and suspicions to themselves to seek the truth…

    Shots Fired season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Mar 1, 2017 27
    TV series “Shots Fired” involves a very painful topic of racism. The action takes place in the fictional town of North Carolina. An African-American cop Joshua Belk kills a young white student, who continued to run after the stop command. Police officer shot 4 times. After this event, life in the town has changed dramatically. The feud between black and white people at its peak. 2 representatives of Department of Justice’s inquiry are engaged in carrying out the investigation – Ashe Akino and Preston Terry. They are both African-Americans, which puts into question their objectivity by the other side of the conflict. The current governor of the state Patricia Eamons is trying to use this case to her advantage in the election campaign. The search for the truth will change the nation…