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    One Mississippi

    One Mississippi poster
    Rating:9.2/10 (5 votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:5 hours 0 minutes (25 minutes per episode)
    Tig Notaro
    Beth Burvant Casey Wilson John Rothman Noah Harpster Stephanie Allynne

    One Mississippi follows Tig as she returns to her childhood home to deal with the unexpected death of her beloved mother. Struggling with her own health and relationship challenges, she decides to reconnect with her roots to heal and move forward.

    One Mississippi season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Jan 8, 2017 31
    TV series “One Mississippi” is based on the life of Tig Notaro – stand-up comedian, writer, radio host and actress. Return to the city of Bay Saint Lucie, Mississippi, where she spent her childhood, was not joyful for Tig. Notice of the mother terminal illness forced her to return to her homeland. Tig was able to spend with her mom a few hours before she left this world. The loss of the only truly loved one was a heavy blow for her. Mother knew her better than anyone. She’s still recovering from chemotherapy for breast cancer, and is now struggling to find a foothold in life. In addition, Tig must help his brother Remy, who, though older than her, but not more experienced, and stepfather Bill, who not adapted to the modern life. The situation is aggravated by a visit Tig’s friend, Brooke, who appeared very inappropriately.
    One Mississippi season 2 poster

    Season 2

    Jul 28, 2017 47
    One Mississippi season 2 is the continuation of a multi-part comedy drama on the Amazon channel with Tig Notaro starring. We see how the main character completely changes her life in the new season. She firmly decided to stay in her parents’ home and in hometown of Mississippi. Everything in the parents’ house and in the city reminds of the past years, and often she plunges into memories of her childhood and youth. She quit her former job as a stand-up comedian and became a radio broadcaster. Such behavior, which seemed all illogical, was caused by the fact that she learned about her illness. Now the woman enjoys her new life next to close people in the season 2 One Mississippi. Although the relationship with her stepfather and brother is heated with each new episode.