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    Offspring season 4

    Offspring season 4 poster

    Episode #01 (): Outside of the Comfort Zone

    Nina and Patrick prepare for parenthood as Billie struggles to cope with Nina’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, a new arrival sparks interest at the hospital.

    360p 349.3 MB
    Episode #02 (): Second Chances

    Nina discovers Patrick's mysterious past whilst Billie fights to take over the family.

    360p 309.3 MB
    Episode #03 (): Truth Time

    Nina and Patrick try to solve their problems without resorting to sex, at the same time as Nina is forced to tell Patrick the truth about Eloise. Plus, Darcy and Cherie have a big announcement.

    360p 307.7 MB
    Episode #04 (): Keeping It in the Family

    Tension runs high between Nina and Darcy as he prepares for his road trip with Cherie. Also, Jimmy tries to keep it in the family by applying for a job as Billie's real estate underling.

    360p 359.2 MB
    Episode #05 (): The Things We Do for Love

    Nina is confronted by the nature of Eloise's crush. Billie insists she and Mick meet the press as a power couple and Jimmy's inspired by a new business venture.

    360p 278.8 MB
    Episode #06 (): Difficulty

    Nina and Patrick deal with a rather difficult house guest, as Billie attempts to cover her business woes.

    360p 313.3 MB
    Episode #07 (): Smoking Situations

    Nina's best intentions with the Reid family cause several rifts in both the Reid & Proudman families. Meanwhile, Billie struggles to work under a new boss as well as coping with a damaging magazine article.

    360p 336.6 MB
    Episode #08 (): Freaking the Freak Out

    Nina wonders if her pregnancy with Patrick is enough to keep them together, Patrick struggles with Kate's decision to see her abusive ex-partner Dean and Billie is confronted by Mick's popularity.

    360p 343.9 MB
    Episode #09 (): Numbing the Pain

    A dream about counsellor Lawrence has Nina questioning her relationship with Patrick. Billie embarks on a new career and heads for self-destruction. The nurses help Eloise with her love life.

    360p 320.8 MB
    Episode #10 (): Matters of the Heart

    Nina and Patrick struggle to negotiate the role of the ever present Proudmans in their life together. Meanwhile, Billie is in damage control after her night out on the town.

    360p 267.0 MB
    Episode #11 (): Dialing Up the Crazy

    The Proudman family implodes when Nina and Patrick's counselling session goes public.

    360p 292.7 MB
    Episode #12 (): Goodbye Patrick

    Billie and Mick's relationship strains under the weight of her infidelity.

    360p 308.9 MB
    Episode #13 (): The Bond Between Sisters

    In the season finale, Nina prepares for the biggest day of her life. Meanwhile, Mick goes on a search to bring Billie home.

    360p 283.9 MB