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    Odd Squad season 2

    Odd Squad season 2 poster

    Episode #01 (): First Day

    In this two-part episode, agents struggle with a case while Oscar interviews candidates to run the Odd Squad Creature Room.

    360p 175.7 MB
    Episode #02 (): Back to the Past / Odd Squad Needs You

    Olympia, Otis, Oscar and Oona are accidentally transported to the future. Otis is asked to make a recruitment commercial for Odd Squad, however Ms. O proves to be difficult to work with.

    360p 229.2 MB
    Episode #03 (): Mid-Day in the Garden of Good and Odd / Failure to Lunch

    When things in town get covered in jam, the agents turn to Odd Todd for help. When the agents go to lunch, they struggle to relax and ignore the oddness.

    360p 229.4 MB
    Episode #04 (): The O Team / Show Me the Money

    Security agents Owen and Ohio secretly provide backup on a case so they can have a pizza party. An unlucky coin is accidentally released to the public.

    360p 229.3 MB
    Episode #05 (): Flawed Squad / The Creature Whisperer

    A motley crew of villains storm into Odd Squad headquarters, but can't agree on a plan of attack. When a creature gets loose in headquarters, Oscar helps Ocean track it down, while Olympia and Otis try to keep Ms. O distracted.

    360p 229.3 MB
    Episode #06 (): Oscar Strikes Back

    Oscar takes some time off so he can attend Lab-Con--for the first time. However, someone is controlling the minds of all of the convention attendants except for Oscar, Miss O and Oona. No one's going to ruin Oscar's first Lab-Con. It's time that "Oscar Strikes Back".

    360p 229.3 MB
    Episode #07 (): Olympia's Day / Otis's Day

    When a new room opens up in headquarters, all the agents want a piece. Getting a villain back to headquarters proves cumbersome when the tubes are down for maintenance.

    360p 243.9 MB
    Episode #08 (): And Then There Were Puppies / A Case of the Sillies

    When every agent turns into a puppy, it's up to Agent Ohlm to save the day. Dr. O gets an odd illness called the Sillies.

    360p 229.4 MB
    Episode #09 (): Happy Halfiversary / Good Egg Bad Egg

    Otis discovers he's forgotten an important event in his partnership with Olympia. Now, with Oona and Ms. O providing assistance, he sets off on an odd adventure to set things right. The agents try to determine what kind of creature will hatch from an egg.

    360p 229.4 MB
    Episode #10 (): Night Shift / Put Me in Coach

    Olympia and Otis work the Odd Squad Night Shift and find out that at night the squad works very differently. When Ms. O accidentally assigns Olympia and Otis and a rival duo to the same coveted case she sends them all to Coach O, who sets up a competition between the teams to resolve who gets the case.

    360p 229.3 MB
    Episode #11 (): Extreme Cakeover / A Job Well Undone

    Otis and Olympia accidently release a virus that turns agents into cakes. Otis has to race to fill out his paperwork so he and Olympia can earn "employee of the month".

    360p 175.5 MB
    720p 584.6 MB
    Episode #12 (): Three's Company / Behind Enemy Mimes

    When Ms. O's office must be repaired due to odd infestations, she cramps Olympia and Otis's style. Ms. O needs Otis and Olympia's help to track down her old partner O'Donahue.

    360p 165.0 MB
    Episode #13 (): Drop Gadget Repeat / 20 Questions

    Oona, Olympia and Otis try to escape from a time loop. A villain sets off a backwards bubble that causes everyone at headquarters to move backwards.

    360p 175.9 MB
    Episode #14 (): High Maintenance / Not OK Computer

    Otis and Olympia accept a challenge to switch jobs with the maintenance department for a day. When Olympia and Otis get trapped in their computer, it's up to the Odd Squad Computer Department to rescue them.

    Episode #15 (): O is for Opposite / Agent Oksana's Kitchen Nightmares

    When Ms. O gets trapped in a mirror, an opposite Ms. O enters the real world. The agents try to resolve a disagreement between Ms. O and Oksana.

    360p 175.6 MB
    720p 566.8 MB
    Episode #16 (): Rookie Night / Who Let the Doug Out

    It's party time for all the new agents at Odd Squad. Delivery Doug needs help with an egg situation.

    360p 175.9 MB
    720p 643.7 MB
    Episode #17 (): The Cherry-On-Top-Inator / Sir

    Agents recall how a beloved gadget helped them. The agents bring someone with an odd problem back to headquarters.

    360p 175.3 MB
    720p 753.8 MB
    Episode #18 (): Orchid's Almost Half Hour Talent Show / The Perfect Score

    360p 175.0 MB
    720p 571.9 MB
    Episode #19 (): The Voice / Problem Partners

    Episode #20 (): Oona and the Oonabots / The Ninja Situation

    Episode #21 (): Breakfast Club / Dr. O: Party Time, Excellent

    Episode #22 (): Haunt Squad / Safe House in the Woods

    Odd Squad is haunted by a ghost. Owen and new recruit Ozlyn wait out a storm while transporting a creature.

    Episode #23 (): Xs and Os / Dr. O No

    A special task squad may close HQ. Dr. O's replacement struggles to help patients who suffer from a bizarre ailment.

    Episode #24 (): Negative Town / License to Science

    The agents head to Negative Town to track down a villain. Oona may get kicked out of the Odd Squad unless she passes her lab director's test.

    Episode #25 (): Two Agents and a Baby / Ocean and the Fly

    Olympia and Otis babysit Baby Genius. Oona recalls when she switched bodies with a fly.

    Episode #26 (): Hands On A Desk Chair/ There Is No In O-Bot

    Episode #27 (): Shapely University/ Slow Day

    When Ms. O gets trapped in a mirror, an opposite Ms. O enters the real world.

    Episode #28 (): Villains In Need Are Villains Indeed/ Happily Ever Odd

    Episode #29 (): Where There's A Wolf, There's A Way/ New Jacket Required

    Episode #30 (): Who Let The Doug Out?

    Episode #31 (): The Cherry-On-Top-Inator

    Episode #32 (): Sir