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    Nightcap 2016 season 2

    Nightcap 2016 season 2 poster

    Nightcap season 2 is a comedy series on the Pop TV channel, which continues to follow the backstage life of the evening show. The format of the TV show has not changed. Each new episode of the TV series is a short sketch with the participation of famous invited stars. Staci Cole is still in the spotlight in the second season. Although she always manages to organize an interesting and funny telecast, to please all the celebrities and to follow the teamwork of the whole team. Nevertheless, we are waiting for the more comical and nervous situations in the new season of the series Nightcap. Spectators again plunge into the process of preparing the legendary show and plunge into the mysterious world of stars in the new season of the comedy TV show.

    Episode #01 (): Out of the Box

    The crew adjusts to its new studio next to Dr. Oz's; the network sends a new staff member, Davis Maxfield, to do the exact same job as Staci; Davis tells Staci to bump actress Julianna Margulies in favor of a YouTube "unboxing'' star.

    360p 184.3 MB
    720p 383.1 MB
    Episode #02 (): Match Game

    Alec and Hilaria Baldwin go out of their way to be empathetic when Staci reveals she had a minor cancerous mole removed; Staci confuses their kindness as sexual interest and propositions them for a threesome.

    360p 184.2 MB
    720p 373.5 MB
    Episode #03 (): What Would Staci Do?

    Staci is caught being a horrible person by Juju Chang's hidden camera show; desperate to prove she's a good person, Staci gets herself in too deep when Brooke Shields pressures her and Kelly Rutherford to take part in a dangerous drinking game.

    360p 135.0 MB
    720p 484.0 MB
    Episode #04 (): Single White Staci

    Actress Julianne Moore shadows Staci to prepare for a role in an independent film; Staci goes on an awkward lunch date with Donny Deutsch; Todd consults Barbara Corcoran and Dr. Oz about donating his body fat to Jimmy for a cosmetic procedure.

    360p 203.8 MB
    720p 429.5 MB
    Episode #05 (): Always a Beard, Never a Bride

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson brings his guru/cult leader to the Nightcap With Jimmy set, and arrives at the studio only to find his spiritual guide is not on the security list.

    360p 115.7 MB
    720p 457.6 MB
    Episode #06 (): Spinster Code

    Davis dupes Jimmy's nemesis, Cedric the Entertainer, into coming on the show.

    360p 135.4 MB
    720p 442.1 MB
    Episode #07 (): Poop Show

    Debra Messing fills in at the last minute and gets too close for Staci's comfort,arranging a "girls spa day" for the two in her dressing room. Davis has his hands full with Brendan Fraser, who wants to try his hand at musical comedy and debut a very offensive song on Nightcap.

    360p 131.0 MB
    720p 399.3 MB
    Episode #08 (): Bringing Up Baby

    TV's favorite dad Bob Saget only wants to talk about his obsession with a Japanese collectible toy; comic Carrot Top convinces Todd to capitalize on an unfortunate nickname earned after an on-air flub.

    360p 133.4 MB
    Episode #09 (): The Show Might Go On (1)

    There's more chaos backstage than normal when Jimmy's new girlfriend Christie Brinkley demands he quit Nightcap. Bethenny Frankel is saving her voice for a speaking engagement and forces Penny to do her dirty work. David Hasselhoff spends the day telling embarrassing stories about his nephew, Nightcap's own hair and makeup guru, Marcus.

    360p 135.5 MB
    720p 422.2 MB
    Episode #10 (): The Show Might Go On (2)

    Staci pitches a movie to director J.J. Abrams; Penny begs Staci to save the show; Staci offers up TV show host Rachael Ray as an appealing new love interest for fame-hungry Christie Brinkley; actor Mark Hamill shows up to discuss Staci's new film.

    360p 140.5 MB
    720p 425.4 MB