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    My Mother And Other Strangers season 1

    My Mother And Other Strangers season 1 poster

    There are the Second world war around, 1943. The action of the series takes place in Northern Ireland in the fictional city Mabeg. which is located on the shores of lake Lohne. In the center of the story is the Coyn's family. The airfield is located near the city. Four thousand soldiers recently arrived here. The urban residents are trying to maintain a normal standard of living in such difficult time. But human feelings make themselves known at any time and at any situation. After all, love is a very subtle feeling and Cupid can fire his arrows as he wants. It was happened with rose Coyne. She lived with her husband and three children. But she fell in love with captain Dreyfus, and found herself in a love triangle. She doesn't know what she needs to do, because early it never happened with her. But the feeling of love makes people to do the craziest things. Rose leaves his family and runs away from home. Children (Emm, Francis and Kate) are very upset. There are a war around, and their mother left them. Will she come back? Watch the denouement of this drama in our website.

    Episode #01 (): Golden Gloves

    When her own daughter falls for a young lieutenant, Rose has to take a stand against the locals who are out for revenge.

    360p 582.2 MB
    720p 1.1 GB
    Episode #02 (): Stolen Waters

    After receiving a book from Captain Dreyfuss, Rose makes a passionate stand for the people of Moybeg.

    360p 584.8 MB
    720p 1.0 GB
    Episode #03 (): The Price

    It is Halloween and the Coyne family finds out the real cost of taking what isn't theirs when an outbreak of scarlet fever feels like the price everyone has to pay for their moral choices.

    360p 580.2 MB
    720p 948.0 MB
    Episode #04 (): Vera

    Rose's younger, glamourous sister Vera arrives in Moybeg for a visit. Adored by Emma, dreaded by Michael, Vera's effervescent presence is soon felt in the Coyne household but when she soon meets the dashing Captain Dreyfuss, even Rose's patience is tested. However, the reality hiding behind Vera's fa├žade begins to emerge, leaving Rose quietly torn between her loyalties to her family and her growing feelings for Dreyfuss.

    360p 383.3 MB
    Episode #05 (): God Rest You Merry

    Rose is preoccupied by Dreyfuss' absence and rejects him when he returns after three weeks. The children are delighted when it is revealed that a Christmas party is going to be held at the aerodrome, but the celebration stirs up tension within the community, especially when Ned Hanlon discovers his family are not invited. Michael receives bad news from his cousin and needs the support of his family more than ever, while Rose is left torn when she learns the reason for Dreyfuss' disappearance during the Christmas party.

    360p 583.2 MB