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    MADtv season 8

    MADtv season 8 poster

    Episode #01 (): Episode #801

    What's on TV The Anna Nicole Show Vin Diesel Movie Trailer Jenny Jones - Lazy Son All-Star American Idol Ted Koppel with Kelly Clarkson Iverson Podiatrist HBO Box Set

    Episode #02 (): Episode #802

    The Kopples Part 1 The Kopples Part 2 Social Studies Project-Racism America At War Seven buddy Cops World's Queeniest Police Chases Sprint PCS Dr. Kylie Johnson Oprah

    Episode #03 (): Episode #803

    Hot Up Here Jackie Chan Stuart Piano Lesson Public Schoolhouse Rock: Fatty MADtv at the Emmys 50's Diner Glamazon Huntress Dos Detention Insomnia

    Episode #04 (): Episode #804

    Gangsta Lover A Wedding Story Chocolate Covered Peanuts Halftime Pep Talk Jump rope ""Bankruptcy,"" ""Palestine/Israel,"" ""Air Security"" Great Debate Tony Hawk Meets Anna Nicole Real Man Talk Bible Dude Performance by Xzibit

    Episode #05 (): Episode #805

    Reality Show Cameras ""Translation"" Shakira Video Bambi Threesome Madden Popcorn Commercial Ms. Campbell: Fast Food Lawsuit Wayne Brady Show: Ja Rule Wal Mart Price Slashing Crossing Over with John Edwards Earl Scheib's Body Shop Police Special Shaggy performs ""Strength of a Woman"" Close-Bobby and the Audience

    Episode #06 (): Episode #806

    Hidin' In My Closet Lorraine at College Dr. Phil - On Today's Show Center of the Earth Hey Joe Commercial 60 Minutes Birthday Party Spears on Sports Performance by the Strokes

    Episode #07 (): Episode #807

    Marvin Tikvah - Father and Son Jack and Kelly Osbourne Open New From McDonalds Indiana University CHiPs 2002 - The New Sarge 7th Heaven with the Osbournes Die Another Day Premiere Stuart's Bright Shiny Lucky Day Pet Peeves Performance by Kelly Osbourne

    Episode #08 (): Episode #808

    More Price Is Right The Real Bachelor Reality Check Takes Flight Snow White's Return Just for Lesbians Cloret at the Juice Bar Smarty Pants Challenge with Sum 41 Average Asian Sum 41 performs ""Still Waiting""

    Episode #09 (): Episode #809

    Like I Am You Lords of the Bling II Sears Portrait Studio Trina - Job Interview Jump Rope ""Terror Alert"" Kappa for a Day O'Reilly Segment Laker Girl Bunifa Divine Dot Performance by Puddle of Mudd

    Episode #10 (): Episode #810

    Christmas Tree Commercial Whitney & Bobby's Christmas How Winona Stole Christmas Santa's Helper April's Christmas Lorraine Goes Shopping Bible Dude Christmas Holiday Party Bon Jovi performs ""Bounce""

    Episode #11 (): Episode #811

    Celebrity New Year's Resolutions (Madden, Shaq, Madonna) Oprah's Cash Giveaway Real ***********' News Family Gathering Jenny Jones Again Encore - 70's Health Film Queens of the Stone Age perform ""No One Knows"" Queens of the Stone Age perform ""Go With the Flow""

    Episode #12 (): Episode #812

    Cruise Hey, It's Ovens For Kids Baby Jogger Glamazon Huntress Tres Vegas Calling Self-Defense Q.V.C Encore - Wizard of Oz: The Lost Footage Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson in ""The Cure"" Jump Rope: Cell Phones

    Episode #13 (): Episode #813

    Hooked on Phonics Dating Game Love Me Better Bunifa Trading Spaces Boys Gone Wild Connie Chung Tonight Dr. Kylie - Butt Seriously (Colonoscopy) Jamie Kennedy in ""Another Dispute"" Encore - Price is Lorright Nelly Performs ""Air Force Ones""

    Episode #14 (): Episode #814

    People's Court: Fightin' Ron vs. Marvin Tikvah Joe Millionaire Sorority Row - Kappa Games Dubble Yoo and Wile E. Hussein Mondays on CBS Reality Check - On The March Spishak Excuses '98 Shaq Time Drama Queen Gets Mugged Encore - Politically Incorrect Marraige

    Episode #15 (): Episode #815

    Virginal Mofaz - Marital Breakdown Brought to You By Happy V.D. Chuckie Brown Joe Millionaire and MAD Girls Bill O'Reilly Daredevil Premiere Book Talk Dot Valentine Encore - Trina's Valentine

    Episode #16 (): Episode #816

    Look Who's Talking Angela's Canadian Cousin Ryan Seacrest intros Music Video Countdown Stuart and Doreen at a Restaurant Hidin' In My Closet Andy Dick as Daphne Aguilera A Little Pill Called Ecstacy Lady MADtv Piano Player The Greatest Supergrass performs ""Rush Hour Soul""

    Episode #17 (): Episode #817

    Bomb, Bomb, Bomb CSI Hidden Video Queen of Queens Commercials From Around the World Jump Rope: Video Games Sunny Side of Saddam Presidential Physical Fitness Home for the Weekend Encore - Birdsitter t.A.T.u performs ""All the Things She Said""

    Episode #18 (): Episode #818

    Michael Jackson gets a Reality Check Sorority Row: House Helpers The Other Half Swirly Time All-New Grand Theft Auto Entertainment Tonight Tonight Show with Eric Idle Encore - Lords of the Bling

    Episode #19 (): Episode #819

    Connie Chung Oscar Show Nominated Actress Movie Trailer Mrs. Campbell: Hospital Just Made In Ten Days Real Oscar Talk II with Tommy Davidson and Fred Willard Rusty's Student Film The Al Pacino Experiement Woody Allen's Teen Sex Comedy Encore - Rick's New Friends with Queen Latifah

    Episode #20 (): Episode #820

    Man vs. Beast Mariah Video: I'm Not Insane Jenny Jones: Reunited Why Women Leave Johnny Woo's Nightline Drawing with Jerry Mary Tyler Moore 2003 Prom Dress Encore - Second Hand Lorraine OK Go performs ""Get Over It""

    Episode #21 (): Episode #821

    Dr. Phil Makes a House Call Anna Nicole #1 Mickey: Bank Robbery News Interview Anna Nicole #2 Commercial Parody Winner #1: Spishak: Hey It's Ovens for Kids (#812) Vera Magnus the Psychic Lady Anna Nicole #3 Commercial Parody Winner #2: John Madden: The Quick-Pop Popcorn Popper (#805) Mr Folger: Poetry Group Anna Nicole #4 Commercial Parody Winner #3: Ecstacy Anxiety Medication (#816) Folksmen performs ""Blood On the Coal"" & ""Start Me Up"" Cloret meets Countess Vaughn Show Close: Anna Nicole

    Episode #22 (): Episode #822

    Maximen Oprah Golf Neverending Sketch This N That With Rusty Stardates Encore- Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man The Honeymooners Godsmack performs Closing - Mo

    Episode #23 (): Episode #823

    Career Commercial Public Schoolhouse Rock: Substitute Teacher Garage Sale Stuart Visits His Father Drama Queen - Inside the Actor's Studio Missy Elliot Performs Brother Lucy Encore - Whitney Screws Up The Classics

    Episode #24 (): Episode #824

    Mime Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man 7 Buddy Cops Sunday Morning Store Spears on Sports The Schnitzer Family Two Cops Encore- Ms. Campbell 7 Buddy Cops Close

    Episode #25 (): Episode #825

    Johnny Woo's Legal Firm Spishak: Hey, It's Cars For Kids! Oprah's Jackass Marvin and Mindy Tikvah Lorraine Visits the Dentist Feuding Parents Ted Koppel's Herbal Essence Encore - Stuart's New Babysitter Close-Aries