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    Love Thy Neighbor season 3

    Love Thy Neighbor season 3 poster

    Episode #01 (): A Mother's Heartbreak

    Heartbroken, Linda has to put ip with Danny's impulsive decisions.

    Episode #02 (): Three Is a Crowd

    Troy and Sam zero in on Danny.

    Episode #03 (): Enough of This

    Danny has to deal with how his friends and family feel about his wife.

    Episode #04 (): A Pregnant Wife

    Phillip learns the basics of pregnancy.

    Episode #05 (): One Mama of a Nightmare

    Danny has a difficult time dealing with his mother's absence.

    Episode #06 (): Hattie Still Got It

    Hattie mediates when Linda and Troy discuss their differences.

    Episode #07 (): Danny's Wife

    Sam has difficulty accepting Danny's new responsibilities as Troy's husband.

    Episode #08 (): A Fresh Bath

    Sam causes Danny to make a dramatic change in his life.

    Episode #09 (): Hattie's Uncle

    Hattie is in trouble for having not paid her taxes.

    Episode #10 (): Why's Hattie Happy

    Linda learns why Hattie's happy.

    Episode #11 (): Second Thoughts

    Troy tells Hattie about the difficulties she's having in her marriage.

    Episode #12 (): The Bus Station

    Thanks to Drew, there's a misunderstanding.

    Episode #13 (): Invasion of Privacy

    Sam violates Troy's personal space and continues to disrupt Danny's marriage.

    Episode #14 (): Who You Know

    Everyone joins in for a game of "Who You Know"

    Episode #15 (): Vernon

    An evening of passion takes a twisted turn; Hattie fears for her friend's life.

    Episode #16 (): D-Day

    Sam makes a risky decision that puts him in a tough situation.

    Episode #17 (): Scared

    Sam is compelled to reveal the true nature surrounding his lack of maturity.

    Episode #18 (): Hattie's Memoirs

    Hattie's decision to write her memoirs causes unrest amongst her family and friends.

    Episode #19 (): I Want My Mamma

    Linda reaches a point where the only one that can come to the rescue is her mother.

    Episode #20 (): Crying Wolf

    Linda receives a surprising phone call.

    Episode #21 (): Tired

    A heated discussion with Danny's family brings Troy to her limit.

    Episode #22 (): Done

    Danny can't take anymore of Sam's annoying behavior