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    Kiri season 1

    Kiri season 1 poster

    The plot of the four-part tv series “Kiri” season 1 focuses on the social worker Miriam (Sarah Lancashire). She is experienced and sensible, loves her profession and is completely devoted to it. But, no matter whatever, she adheres to an intuitive approach, rather than instructions and instructions, in relation to her wards children. One day, Miriam arranges an unauthorized meet for her ward, Kiri, with her biological grandparents. This leads to the disappearance of the little girl. The police, the press and even colleagues consider Miriam involved in the incident. Girl’s biological relatives and the family who wanted to adopt her are in the center of attention. As a result, all of them are now dragged into this tragic story full of lies, feelings of guilt, condemnation and racial prejudice in new episodes of Kiri series.

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    Episode #01 (): Episode 1

    Miriam is a dedicated social worker who arranges for Kiri, a young black girl, to have an unsupervised visit with her birth grandfather, Tobi, and his second wife before her white foster family officially adopts her. However during the visit Kiri tragically goes missing and as the search for her intensifies Miriam is very publically blamed by the police, the press, and even her colleagues for putting the girl at risk.

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    Episode #02 (): Episode 2

    Tobi searches for his son, Nate, the prime suspect in the case, and faces up to some uncomfortable truths about his relationship with him. The witch-hunt is intensifying around Miriam as she’s under pressure to admit she is to blame for what happened to Kiri, while Kiri’s foster family of Alice, Jim and Si also find themselves in the media spotlight.

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    720p 718.0 MB
    Episode #03 (): Episode 3

    Alice and Jim are shocked to hear from DI Mercer that the police case against Nate might not be straightforward after all and everything may not be as it seemed. A reeling Alice goes on the offensive, with Miriam in particular in the firing line. Meanwhile Tobi is furious with the police for the way they’ve treated his family, as DI Mercer has more bad news for him.

    360p 429.4 MB
    720p 805.1 MB
    Episode #04 (): Episode 4

    Si realises his relationship with Alice has deteriorated and is determined to find out why, while DI Mercer confronts Nate with new evidence about Kiri’s murder. As we work towards the truth about what happened to Kiri, Miriam realises she has to take responsibility for her actions, Alice’s devastation gets the better of her, and Tobi has a choice to make about his son Nate.

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