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    Kingdom (2014) season 2

    Kingdom (2014) season 2 poster

    Alvey Kulina and his girlfriend Lisa are living in California, being lucky enough to combine love to mixed martial arts with work – they own the place called Navy St. Gym, where Alvey helps people to train and training himself. He loves, he fights and he wins, wins over own weakness, wins over stress and wins over depression, when one day Lisa suddenly leaving him. Beautiful dynamic drama about real life of real man.

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    Episode #01 (): New Money

    Ryan contends with illness on the day of his title defense, Jay's opponent presents him with an unexpected challenge, and Lisa recruits a new fighter. Alvey oversees it all while opening up a new gym.

    360p 701.2 MB
    Episode #02 (): Simulations

    Alvey deals with Ryan's reckless decisions and Lisa introduces her newest fighter, Alicia, to Navy St. Nate gears up for his return to the cage. Jay meets a photographer, Laura, who presents professional and personal opportunities.

    360p 448.1 MB
    Episode #03 (): Broken or Missing

    Keith is released from jail and moves back in with Ryan, Jay is given an intriguing offer by Garo, and Nate has his first fight back since he was brutally assaulted.

    360p 449.3 MB
    Episode #04 (): Be First

    Nate finds his problems compounded after his loss and Jay spins out of control in his pursuit of Laura. Lisa explores what her future will look like when her baby arrives.

    360p 431.3 MB
    Episode #05 (): Happy Hour

    Ryan heads to his dad's house to check on him, where a new relationship seems possible. Jay agrees to Alvey's plan for a new direction and Nate eyes a quick return to the cage.

    360p 421.1 MB
    Episode #06 (): Pink at Night

    Jay tracks down his competition for Laura, while Christina eyes a career change. Lisa cuts a deal with Garo, presenting Jay with an unexpected opportunity.

    360p 522.3 MB
    Episode #07 (): The Demon Had A Spell

    Alvey and Nate head off to a low-rent fight in Fresno, Jay grows feral as he deals with his weight cut and breakup with Laura, and Lisa hatches a plan to resurrect Ryan's image.

    360p 510.6 MB
    Episode #08 (): Smoker

    Alvey and Lisa open Navy St. up for a showcase, inviting sponsors into the gym to see Alicia in action. Ryan and Jay, knowing this could be their last opportunity to evade Alvey's attention, enjoy a cheat day.

    360p 492.9 MB
    Episode #09 (): Living Down

    Christina searches for new living arrangements, Lisa realizes Alvey's home may not be the place for her, and Ryan and Jay cut weight as their respective title fights loom.

    360p 454.5 MB
    Episode #10 (): Traveling Alone

    Ryan defends his lightweight title, while Nate and Jay discover Christina in a bad spot. Alvey gets a call from an old friend, and Lisa makes a final decision regarding her future.

    360p 497.6 MB
    Episode #11 (): Lay and Pray

    Jay and Ryan promote their championship bout; Alvey receives tragic news; and Alicia preps for her first professional fight as a member of Navy St.

    360p 405.3 MB
    720p 1.4 GB
    Episode #12 (): No Fault

    The arrival of a family member surprises Alicia; Ryan sees a doctor after his drunken brawl; and Nate takes a job with unexpected demands.

    360p 385.5 MB
    720p 1.3 GB
    Episode #13 (): Woke up Lonely

    The day of Jay and Ryan's fight finds everyone taking on new roles: Nate corners for Jay; Alicia and Ava host the afterparty; and Alvey takes a breather. Of course, before that can happen, Ryan has to decide whether he's ready to fight.

    360p 371.9 MB
    Episode #14 (): Do Not Disturb

    Alvey believes that an offer Alicia received is better than it is; Jay and Ava celebrate his championship; and Alvey makes amends for a past accident.

    360p 313.6 MB
    720p 1.4 GB
    Episode #15 (): Take Pills

    An unexpected visitor upends Jay and Ava's plans; Ryan breaks up Alicia's living situation; and questions surface about why Ryan lost the championship fight.

    360p 417.7 MB
    Episode #16 (): Halos

    Nate returns to the cage looking for an end to his losing streak and to prove to Alvey and everyone else that he's still a viable fighter. Mac brings something into Navy St. that threatens the gym's operations.

    360p 252.4 MB
    Episode #17 (): Help Wanted

    Lisa returns to Los Angeles, but she's unsure of what life is waiting for her there. Ryan demonstrates his dominance of the gym while Nate attempts to drag Jay away from his new life with Ava.

    360p 388.6 MB
    720p 1.3 GB
    Episode #18 (): Cut Man

    A fight could change Alicia's career; and Lisa's return impacts Alvey's relationship with Roxanne.

    360p 389.4 MB
    Episode #19 (): Late to Leave

    Alicia makes a major career decision; and Ryan is reminded of just how unstable his roommate is.

    360p 443.9 MB
    720p 1.5 GB
    Episode #20 (): No Sharp Objects

    Jay's rematch with Ryan comes at a bad time for Jay; and Alvey helps an old friend.

    360p 457.6 MB