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    Jordskott season 2

    Jordskott season 2 poster

    Jordskott season 2 is the continuation of the Swedish mystical series on the SVT channel. This is a successful combination of criminal drama and supernatural horror. Children from the Swedish village Silver Height continue to disappear without a trace in the nearby forest. Local police inspector Eva Thörnblad, who lost her daughter seven years ago in the forest thicket of Silver Height, is trying to unravel the mystery of their disappearance. Season 1 left more questions than answers. The new season promises to be even more mysterious, frightening and exciting. Eva is waiting for new challenges, adventures and terrible secrets of a small Swedish city in the new episodes of season 2 Jordskott.

    Watch trailer:

    Episode #01 (): Part I

    Two years have passed since Silverhojd was rocked by harrowing events, and Eva has since returned to her job with Stockholm's city police. Eva is trying to move on, but struggles with her grief over Josefin and the pain that the Jordskott causes her. Eva soon finds herself being drawn into a mysterious case with a connection to her own past, and is forced to confront the mystical world she decided to put behind her.

    720p 708.0 MB
    Episode #02 (): Part II

    Eva's investigation reveals more mystery and doctors can't explain why the man under the ice died the way he did; Göran Wass joins the Stockholm police with the intent of hiding all traces of supernaturalism.

    720p 701.9 MB
    Episode #03 (): Part III

    The search for the missing girl, Robin, continues, and Eva's situation is complicated by the unexpected responsibility for Kalem; Eva and Wass dig deeper into the investigation and find something that belonged to Eva's mother a long time ago.

    720p 705.0 MB
    Episode #04 (): Part IV

    Eva and Wass visit an ancient place where they find shocking evidence that the lives of more children are in danger. The Jordskott takes an ever stronger hold on Eva.

    720p 707.5 MB
    Episode #05 (): Part V

    Eva finds herself back at Thornblad farm; Koljonen uncovers something shocking; Bahar comes close to making a revelation; Maja and Esmeralda's friendship grows deeper.

    360p 380.9 МБ
    720p 705.5 МБ
    Episode #06 (): Part VI

    While looking for evidence that Eva played a part in Desiree's death, Bahar makes a strange discovery; Maja faces great danger, and even Esmeralda may struggle to survive; Eva uncovers evidence from the past.

    360p 381.9 МБ
    720p 707.0 МБ
    Episode #07 (): Part VII

    Eva and Wass work together; an unexpected visitor comes to see Agneta; Tom does everything he can to find the missing girls; Esmeralda tries to save a life.

    360p 382.1 МБ
    Episode #08 (): Part VIII

    Tom and Wass work together to find Ida's kidnappers; Eva gets a clue from Bahar's investigation and confronts a lethal situation; Wass must take great personal risks.

    360p 384.5 MB