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    Idiotsitter (2016) season 1

    Idiotsitter (2016) season 1 poster

    Episode #01 (): Pilot

    When Harvard graduate Billie goes to interview for a nanny job, she's surprised to learn that her charge is a grown woman on house arrest.

    Episode #02 (): Book Report

    When she's forced to do schoolwork that includes reading actual books, Gene plots to take Billie down.

    Episode #03 (): Funeral

    When Gene is granted temporary reprieve from her house arrest to attend a funeral, she and Billie accidentally make a day of it.

    Episode #04 (): Hos Before Bros

    When a sexy football player shows up at the house, Gene flirts shamelessly while Billie struggles to keep her cool.

    Episode #05 (): Fumigation

    While the mansion is being fumigated, Billie and Jean have a sleepover that gets out of hand.

    Episode #06 (): Mother's Day

    Gene's birth mother arrives at the house, making Ken emotional; Billie goes on a date with a dental hygienist who has a surprising wild side.

    Episode #07 (): GED Prom

    Gene decides to organize a prom for GED students and invites her cyber bully in the hopes of publicly humiliating him; Billie's date is an attractive tutor.

    Episode #08 (): Viva La Joy

    After Billie accidentally gets Joy fired, she and Gene stage a series of civil protests in order to convince Kent to rehire her.

    Episode #09 (): Ex-Boyfriend

    When Billie’s obnoxious ex-boyfriend comes over for dinner, Gene poses as a butler in an attempt to convince him that Billie has been prospering since their breakup.

    Episode #10 (): Finale

    Gene finally takes her GED test, and Billie gets a shot at her dream job.