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    Haven poster
    Rating:8.2/10 (147 votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:58 hours 30 minutes (45 minutes per episode)
    Emily Rose Lucas Bryant Eric Balfour
    Colin Ferguson Adam Copeland Richard Donat Nicholas Campbell John Dunsworth Jayne Eastwood Laura Mennell

    When shrewd and confident FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker arrives in the small town of Haven she soon finds herself caught up with the return of The Troubles, a plague of supernatural afflictions that occurred in the town at least once before. If that was not enough to draw her in, she also finds a link that may lead her to the mother she has never known.

    Haven season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Jan 8, 2017 56
    An FBI agent Audrey Parker arrives in a small town called Haven in Maine to investigate a seemingly ordinary case – a former criminal murder. But it turns out to be much more serious than it seems – the town has been inhabited by people with supernatural abilities which are not usually used for peaceful purposes. Local people call this phenomenon “troubles”. Audrey is staying in Haven by her boss’ approbation in order to help local police investigate a number of mysterious cases and find out at least some information about her mother – a woman looking just like Audrey who she saw in a newspaper picture associated with “the Colorado Kid” murder case. According to police chief, Audrey is the one who can figure out the situation in Haven as many people see the reality the way they want to see it while Audrey sees the reality exactly the way it is. A local detective Nathan Wuornos and a charming smuggler Duke Crocker become Audrey’s assistants in the investigation of these mysterious events.
    Haven season 2 poster

    Season 2

    Jan 8, 2017 49
    In Haven season 2 a woman claiming that she is the FBI agent Audrey Parker comes to town. Audrey is trying to figure out why this woman has the same name and the same memories as she does at the same time saving Haven from the ten plagues of Exodus. The investigation leads her to a man mourning over the recent death of his wife who died while giving a birth to their son. Nathan realizes that he is probably the one who has to take his father’s place after his death. After some time, Haven people start having visions incarnating their worst fears. Audrey and Nathan come to conclusion that these visions are the result of a puzzle theft and with the help of this puzzle the entire town can be destroyed…
    Haven season 3 poster

    Season 3

    Jan 8, 2017 66
    In Haven season 3 a special FBI agent Audrey Parker and sheriff’s son Nathan Wuornos who works as a police officer under the command of his father continue to investigate mysteries and inexplicable phenomena. In the beginning of the new season Nathan and Duke are searching for Audrey who has been kidnapped by aliens. After that Audrey and Nathan investigate incomprehensible deaths connected with water. Duke is helping them in this investigation, but Nathan is not very happy about it. Besides, Nathan finds out about a mysterious organization called "Hunters" and Audrey starts to remember some moments from her previous life. After a while, the investigation of a strange murder will lead a Boston police officer to Haven where murders keep happening. All the victims are blood related.
    Haven season 4 poster

    Season 4

    Jan 8, 2017 51
    In the beginning of Haven season 4 six months after the disappearance of the warehouse, Duke mysteriously appears in Boston in matter of seconds. He meets Jennifer Mason who can hear voices from the warehouse. She says that Agent Byron Howard told Audrey about a different way to put an end to the troubles. Together they head for Haven and find out that mane things have changed over the past six months: Nathan quit police service, many local people have suffered damage from a meteorite shower and Nathan blames himself for that. Dwight becomes the new sheriff in Haven while Nathan is hunted by Jordan and "the Guard" craving for his death. Duke accidentally meets his brother Wade Crocker who has no idea about their family curse. At the same time a person named William meets a bartender Lexie who looks just like Audrey Parker.
    Haven season 5 poster

    Season 5

    Jan 8, 2017 71
    Season 5 “Haven” picks up immediately after the events of the season 4 cliffhanger, in which Nathan, Duke and Audrey finally succeed in banishing the destructive Troublemaker William from their lives. In the season the gang learns that the victory is fleeting, as they are quickly thrust into uncharted waters. Duke is now a ticking time bomb, at death’s door and fighting to contain all the Troubles within him, while Nathan faces his greatest fear that Audrey – the woman he’s fought so desperately to save – may be gone forever. Making matters worse, Haven is hit by a strange new Trouble that’s silencing the townsfolk.