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    Ghost Wars season 1

    Ghost Wars season 1 poster

    Ghost Wars season 1 is a mystical thriller on the SyFy channel from the production company Nomadic Pictures and showman Simon Barry. A small fishing town in Alaska, suffering from paranormal phenomena, will be the scene of the psychological horror in the upcoming episodes of season 1. People die, and no one knows how to stop these phenomena. Some entities enter into people, the dead are resurrected, people see ghosts everywhere. Moreover, these ghosts are very aggressive. It seems that the underworld has declared war on people. The main character is a local pariah named Roman Mercer. But the inhabitants must cope with their prejudice, and Roman – with his own demons. Only this way he will be able to take control of long-suppressed super-powers and save the inhabitants from the invasion of ghosts in season 1 Ghost Wars.

    Watch trailer:

    Episode #01 (): Death's Door

    Local Outcast Roman Mercer must overcome the town's prejudices and his own personal demons to harness his repressed psychic powers in order to save everyone from the mass haunting threatening to destroy them all.

    360p 200.4 MB
    720p 815.6 MB
    Episode #02 (): The Ghost in the Machine

    Roguish smuggler Billy sails into Port Moore to find his hometown disturbed by recent events, and as he moves to distribute his latest shipment, his beloved boat and only escape is overtaken by a presence of his past.

    360p 218.7 MB
    720p 882.9 MB
    Episode #03 (): The Curse of Copperhead Road

    Pragmatic research scientist Landis Barker self-experiments to quantify the haunting of a Lambda Technologies branch in Port Moore after a particle accelerator test goes horribly wrong.

    360p 168.6 MB
    720p 728.8 MB
    Episode #04 (): The Exorcism of Marcus Moon

    As church membership flourishes, Reverend Dan soothes the anxieties of the townspeople, but when a young boy gets possessed, Dan wrestles with the thought of performing an unsanctioned exorcism.

    360p 373.9 MB
    720p 823.0 MB
    Episode #05 (): Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie

    The town leans on skeptical and steadfast handyman Doug after Port Moore's social structure begins to collapse, but when Doug's dead daughter persuades Roman to deliver a message, Doug's well being rapidly deteriorates.

    360p 374.9 MB
    720p 1.3 GB
    Episode #06 (): We Need to Talk about Abigail

    As Val organizes a civil defense force to protect the town, her daughter Abigail goes missing; Jimmy leads the charge to find the girl, employing Roman's medium skills and anyone who's willing to set foot in the forest on the outskirts of town.

    360p 373.0 MB
    720p 821.0 MB
    Episode #07 (): Whistle Past the Graveyard

    A power outage sends Port Moore into a tailspin and somehow makes the ghosts stronger, prompting Roman, Jimmy, Landis and Doug to trek up to the dam to get the power back, but a long-buried town secret threatens to tear the group apart.

    360p 151.7 MB
    720p 825.4 MB
    Episode #08 (): Two Graves

    With his body in critical condition, Billy's spirit becomes trapped in the nightmarish ghost realm; Roman pursues Dan, looking for answers about his mother's death.

    360p 366.0 МБ
    720p 1.2 ГБ
    Episode #09 (): Post-Apocalypse Now

    An arrival from Lambda headquarters gives the town hope for the first time in weeks as they distribute supplies and promise to get everyone off the island; the eccentric young CEO Daphne Vikander takes great interest in Roman.

    360p 238.6 MB
    720p 821.3 MB
    Episode #10 (): The Pain Connection

    Lambda's attempts to experiment on their confiscated pod go awry when a grotesque Norm emerges from the ghost vessel and unleashes havoc on anything in his path; a monster hunt begins.

    360p 241.1 MB
    720p 699.4 MB
    Episode #11 (): The Feast

    Landis and Jimmy try to make sense of the museum artifact; Karla is with ghost-child and it's growing fast; Abigail's physical condition deteriorates, prompting Marilyn to finally realize that whatever is inside her daughter isn't normal.

    360p 144.8 MB
    720p 826.2 MB
    Episode #12 (): There's No More Room in Hell

    While Daphne gathers the power she needs to launch her accelerator test, civil unrest breaks out in town when Paolo refuses to open the bar, and a mob pursues Roman, Landis, Jimmy and the McGrath-Dufresnes.

    360p 264.3 MB
    720p 925.5 MB
    Episode #13 (): ...My Soul to Keep

    While the ghosts build a resistance against Roman, Port Moore survivors draw straws in preparation for their final battle, a quest to connect the two halves of the artifact in the ghost realm.

    360p 197.8 MB
    720p 847.8 MB