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    Game Shakers season 1

    Game Shakers season 1 poster

    Episode #00 ():

    Episode #-0102 (): Sky Whale (2)

    After creating the game app Sky Whale for their science project, which grown out to the most popular game app of the year, Babe and Kenzie start gaming company Game Shakers with their friend Hudson in Brooklyn. But they used Double G's music in the game. He sues them all he has been owed. To make things right, Babe and Kenzie take him on as business partner and hire his son Triple G as a game consultant.

    360p 1021.0 MB
    Episode #03 (): Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons

    The Game Shakers' new game is ready, but Double G promises the world there's coming out another game based on a crazy dream he had.

    360p 479.3 MB
    Episode #04 (): Dirty Blob

    Double G gives the girls a bonus for Sky Whale's amazing success, and Babe buys a jacket from the money. But a flock of pigeons suddenly takes up residence in Game Shakers.

    360p 486.6 MB
    Episode #05 (): MeGo the Freakish Robot

    The gang must design a game based on a robot, but problems arise when the robot malfunctions after a bromance goes bad.

    360p 850.1 MB
    Episode #06 (): Tiny Pickles

    360p 924.3 MB
    Episode #07 (): Scared Tripless

    Double G has scared Triple G every Halloween since he was a baby. This year, Double G asks Babe and Kenzie to help, but they double‐cross him by telling Triple G his elaborate plan.

    360p 254.2 MB
    720p 932.6 MB
    Episode #08 (): Trip Steals the Jet

    Feeling pressure to fit in with Trip's rich friends, Babe convinces Trip to borrow Dub's jet for the night.

    360p 91.7 MB
    Episode #09 (): Lost on the Subway

    The Game Shakers take the subway to a boxing game pitch, but forget the gloves and send Trip and Hudson back for them.

    360p 231.2 MB
    720p 562.9 MB
    Episode #10 (): You Bet Your Bunny

    The Game Shakers host a tournament to promote a new Sky Whale update! Double G bets Bunny, thinking Babe will beat one of her snotty classmates. Babe loses and Double G and the kids have to get Bunny back.

    360p 231.1 MB
    720p 562.4 MB
    Episode #11 (): A Reggae Potato Christmas

    When the Game Shakers visit Double G on the set of his Christmas special, an accident during the opening number forces them to finish the show without him.

    360p 230.1 MB
    720p 556.8 MB
    Episode #12 (): Poison Pie

    Babe and Kenzie get noise complaints from the neighbor, so they bake him a pie to make amends. After the pie sends the neighbor to the hospital, Double G and Triple G go undercover to clear the girls' names.

    360p 256.0 MB
    720p 560.7 MB
    Episode #13 (): Party Crashers

    Babe and Kenzie's plans to hang with Mason are ruined when Bunny and Ruthless crash a birthday party; Dub uses Hudson to make Trip jealous when Trip chooses work over hanging out with him.

    360p 242.5 MB
    720p 563.0 MB
    Episode #14 (): The Girl Power Awards

    When Babe and Kenzie are nominated for a Girl Power Award, Kenzie quickly realizes that the award show is a scam.

    360p 250.3 MB
    720p 562.9 MB
    Episode #15 (): A Job for Jimbo

    The Game Shakers work to finish creating a new ocean pollution game; Dub hopes to score a duet with a famous singer, so he makes the company hire her step-grandson.

    360p 256.1 MB
    720p 562.7 MB
    Episode #16 (): Shark Explosion

    Triple G's mom Jackie invites the Game Shakers on her yacht to see fireworks. But she and Double G have doubled booked the yacht, causing Dub to compete with her for the kids' affection.

    720p 562.9 MB
    Episode #17 (): Nasty Goats

    When the gang discovers a hacker put their newest game on an illegal website, they track him down in Alaska. With the help of Double G, they strike a deal with the hacker to take down their game.

    360p 243.0 MB
    Episode #18 (): Babe's Fake Disease

    Kenzie invites an uninterested Babe to her coding club; Babe swoons when she meets a member of Kenzie's coding club. Meanwhile, an aging app predicts that Trip will go bald.

    360p 241.8 MB
    720p 951.1 MB
    Episode #19 (): The Diss Track

    When a rival rapper releases a track about Double G, the Game Shakers convince him to release a response track.

    360p 107.6 MB
    Episode #20 (): Revenge @ Tech Fest

    The Game Shakers have the Girls Who Code help them when an old rival of Double G's returns for revenge.

    1080p 1.7 GB
    Episode #21 (): Revenge @ Tech Fest (2)

    The Game Shakers have the Girls Who Code help them when an old rival of Double G's returns for revenge.

    Episode #22 (): The Very Old Finger

    The Game Shakers visit a mummy exhibit to get ideas for a new game they’re working on. Hudson accidentally snaps off one of its fingers, and Babe leads a quest to glue it back on without getting caught.

    Episode #23 (): Buck the Magic Rat

    Episode #24 (): Byte Club

    Trip beats a gaming legend, landing him a sponsorship deal with a big company. When the deal turns out to be a nightmare, Dub and the kids must help Trip tarnish his reputation and lose his contract.

    Episode #25 (): Secret Level

    When Hudson releases false information about a secret level in a Game Shakers' game, Game Shakers is besieged by angry, crazy fans. Babe uses the secret level to go on a date with Mason Kendal.