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    Frontier (2016)

    Frontier (2016) poster
    Rating:7.9/10 (8 votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:9 hours 45 minutes (45 minutes per episode)
    Jason Momoa Jessica Matten Landon Liboiron
    Alun Armstrong Zoe Boyle Allan Hawco Christian McKay William Belleau Evan Jonigkeit Lyla Porter-Follows Michael Patric Breanne Hill Diana Bentley

    The chaotic and violent struggle to control wealth and power in the North American fur trade in the late 18th century. Told from multiple perspectives, Frontier takes place in a world where business negotiations might be resolved with close-quarter hatchet fights, and where delicate relations between native tribes and Europeans can spark bloody conflicts.

    Frontier (2016) season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Jan 8, 2017 61
    The greed always was present among the people during all periods of human existence. A huge thirst for wealth and power turns a man into an animal and parallel sends his to one stage of evolution ago. We are in the XVIII century in North America. The trading business is actively developing at this time. The country's economy has risen to a new level, because the import and export of goods are very high. The new hobby of the rich elite people comes into view. They like to dress in fur. But as we know, demand creates supply. So, fur trade in North America is gaining tremendous momentum and brings big profits. And we know that many people are willing to do anything to get money. Everyone wants to cash in of the fur trade. The indigenous tribes and the arrived Europeans begin to trade. North America is not only a center of Commerce, but it is a scene of war, intrigue and deception among competitors. Who will win in this fight? Who will earns more money? And the most important question: what will happen with the poor animals? Who will protect it?
    Frontier (2016) season 2 poster

    Season 2

    Aug 30, 2017 54
    TV show Frontier season 2 on Discovery Channel continues to tell the fascinating story of the confrontation between an influential businessman and a novice entrepreneur. There is a fierce struggle for power in the country. The most profitable occupation is the trade in furs. As a result, the threat of bankruptcy fell over the powerful monopoly enterprise. His leader, ruthless Lord Benton, hastened to return to the New World with the aim of speedily eliminating unwanted competitors. The uncompromising Captain Chesterfield helps him. Their paths intersect with Declan Harp who managed to arrange the sale of valuable fur in record time. Moreover, Harp is suspected of marauding and killing at the border. Now the owner of a powerful corporation is trying hard to remove from his path a competitor in the new episodes of season 2 Frontier.
    Frontier (2016) season 3 poster

    Season 3

    Jan 6, 2018 17
    You can find download links to Frontier (2016) Season 3 here at ShowFans.Biz. Latest tv episodes available for free. We monitor the air dates of the Show and upload new episodes ASAP.