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    From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series season 1

    From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series season 1 poster

    From Dusk Till Dawn is based on the eponymous movie, which was released in 1995. Seth Gecko and his mentally unstable brother Richie are wanted by police. After another robbery remains a few corpses. Sheriff Earl McGraw and Texas Ranger Freddie Gonzalez begin to chase them. Seth and Richie plan to hide in Mexico. They encounter with a former priest Jacob Fuller, his daughter Katie and adopted son Scott. Brothers takes them as hostages. The group had to stop for the night at the bar. Night that lies ahead, will present terrible ordeal - bar will be populated by vampires. They need to survive till dawn. How to do it? They must take the battle and fight for their lives.

    Watch trailer:

    Episode #01 (): Pilot

    Robber Seth Gecko and his violent, unpredictable brother, Richard 'Richie' Gecko shoot their way south after a bank heist in Abilene, Texas.

    360p 299.5 MB
    Episode #02 (): Blood Runs Thick

    The Gecko Brothers flee the liquor store with Ranger Freddie Gonzalez following. Richie's visions escalate. The Geckos nearly collide with the Fullers, a troubled family making their own desperate journey to Mexico.

    360p 333.7 MB
    Episode #03 (): Mistress

    While Richie deals with his visions, Seth and Carlos plan to cross the border. Meanwhile, the Fullers' RV breaks down and Ranger Gonzalez asks for help.

    360p 350.5 MB
    Episode #04 (): Let's Get Ramblin'

    The Gecko brothers attempt to leave the hotel and take the Fuller family hostage, but Freddie arrives and complicates the situation.

    Episode #05 (): Self-Contained

    Seth escapes the motel and leads the Fullers' RV to the border. Meanwhile, Richie deals with an irrational fear; and Jacob is determined to get his children safely across the border.

    360p 299.5 MB
    Episode #06 (): Place of Dead Roads

    The Gecko brothers and the Fuller family find themselves in over their heads whilst Seth's deal with Carlos might not happen after all.

    360p 333.5 MB
    Episode #07 (): Pandemonium

    Gecko brothers and the Fuller family are watching the Santanico Pandemonium as Ranger Freddie Gonzalez shows up to exact revenge.

    360p 350.4 MB
    Episode #08 (): La Conquista

    As Santanico tries to turn Richie to her cause, Freddie confronts Carlos about his destiny and the temple's mysterious past. Seth, the Fullers, and Sex Machine battle their way deeper into the temple, where they meet an unexpected ally.

    360p 299.8 MB
    Episode #09 (): Boxman

    Seth and Richie have to attempt the temples labyrinth. Jacob and Kate confront Scott about his transformation. Freddie follows a new lead in the case.

    360p 299.5 MB
    Episode #10 (): The Take

    Seth and Richie defeat the labyrinth only to find they've been double-crossed, leading to a climactic clash with Carlos and Narciso. Meanwhile, the Fullers confront their own demons, and Freddie makes a fateful choice.

    360p 299.5 MB