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    Fix Her Up season 1

    Fix Her Up season 1 poster

    Watch trailer:

    Episode #01 (): Where There's a Will, There's a Jane

    Jane has a one night with an overzealous man who turns out to be a co-worker's brother. Meanwhile Nicki attempts to win a free honeymoon by passing off Prue as her same-sex partner.

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    Episode #02 (): Nicki's Big Fat Italian Reno

    Nicki is fired from marketing and has to compete with Jane for the sales role. Meanwhile Prue and Will track down Meadow's biological Mother.

    Episode #03 (): Extremely Loud and Incredibly Meadow

    Meadow thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her and uses Nicki to honeytrap him. Meanwhile Jane tries to fix Prue up with Teddy, a handsome but dumb plumber.

    Episode #04 (): Prue's Eye for the Straight Guy

    Jane's brother, Brandon, helps Prue audit their accounts and inadvertently sets off a rivalry between Prue and Nicki for his affections. Meanwhile Jane fires Karen the cleaning lady.

    Episode #05 (): Anthea's Throwback Thursday

    The girls reminisce about their pasts - Jane talks about her radio breakdown, Nicki tells the story of how she met Meadow while online gaming, and Anthea takes the girls on a memory trip back to the 90s.