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    Empire (2015)

    Empire (2015) poster
    Rating:8.3/10 (36 votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:46 hours 30 minutes (45 minutes per episode)
    Terrence Howard Taraji P. Henson
    Bryshere Gray Kaitlin Doubleday Jussie Smollett Grace Gealey Malik Yoba Trai Bryers Ta'Rhonda Jones Gabourey Sidibe Serayah Bre-z Jamila Velazquez Ta'Rhonda Jones Serayah Andre Royo Taye Diggs Sierra McClain Ajiona Alexus Tobias Truvillion Bre-z Jeremy L. Carver Juan Antonio Mike Moh Nia Long Phylicia Rashad Samuel Hunt Serayah Tasha Smith

    Empire is an American series of musical-dramatic direction from directors Lee Daniels and Danny Strong. The legendary Timbaland was the main producer of the musical narrative. Shooting the series took place from March to May 2014 in the city of Chicago. World literary classical of the greatest English poet and playwright William Shakespeare as well as the concept of the series Dynasty 80s became sources of inspiration. The plot of the series touches on many current acute social problems. African-American men which can sing professionally have become the actors. Those who could not sing passed special courses in singing. In the first season starred many celebrities such as British supermodel Naomi Campbell, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and Gabourey Sidibe, Courtney Love, Cobain Kubert and many others. Actors Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Jussie Smollett, Trai Byers and Braysher Gray portrayed in the lead roles. The series Empire became number one of the most desirable of projects in 2015. He opened the audience the story of hip-hop family dynasty in which the owner of a large company must elect a worthy successor to continue the business of his life. Lucius Lyon overcame a long way from the poor boy who wandered through the streets to the owner of a major musical association. All his achievements are the results of his labor, abilities and skills in a timely manner to conclude deals. Having reached the peak of success and fame Lyon learned that he was terminally ill. Severe sclerosis struck his brain and leaves no chances for future life. Doctors said that he will live no longer than three years. The protagonist took bleak prognosis and decided that his enormous musical empire should continue to exist, whether that happened to him. It means that millionaire who is on the board of the death should to find a successor and give him all the power. But when you have three sons unequivocally make such a choice is not easy. Each of them has his own particular character but apparently none of them does not correspond for adoption of the duties of the owner of the Empire. The younger son Hakim is a talented boy, but still has not done anything worthy. Jamal middle son having good vocal is gay and takes it as a serious problem. Andre as the eldest son looks very seriously, and it seems most suitable for the role of heir but he is a Chief Financial Officer in the company who knows the basics of the formation of the musical businesses. However, these arguments is just the tip of the ice wanderer, primordial information. The more Lucius examines the soul and mental abilities of his sons the greater sees pluses and minuses. But it is worth remembering and about his wife. Earlier Cookie Lion also earned in drug business. When the family was arrested for criminal activity, Cookie took the blame on herself and provided an opportunity to her husband to educate sons and to create music empire for the money. After seventeen years of imprisonment Cookie decided that she also has the right to half of the company's assets. This turn of events makes worse the relationship of all family members. Now, every man for himself and builds a plan to seize the crown. The whole process is accompanied by intrigues and conspiracies. The first days brought to series 85% of useful reviews. The outcome of one season of the story has become one of the best in the last 10 years. 17.62 million viewers have preferred this exciting final episode. Now you know a lot of interesting facts about the series which managed to beat the ratings of views after the first episodes.

    Empire (2015) season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Jan 8, 2017 76
    Drama "Empire" tells the story of a Lyon's family, who directly related to the hip hop culture. In the center of the story - Lucious Lyon - head of the music label Empire. Once he learns that the terminally ill - he has only a three years of life. During this time, it is necessary to establish a relationship with his three sons - Jamal, Hakeem and Andre - and decide which of them will succeed him and will receive management of the company. Suddenlyt, Cookie, Lucious' ex-wife, 7 years early released from prison. She also wants to become the label's owner and enter the hip-hop world again. For almost 20 years spent in prison, she has not lost its ambitions. Lucious wants that his empire continued to live after him. Thus, three sons and ex-wife begin to fight for the "throne".
    Empire (2015) season 2 poster

    Season 2

    Jan 8, 2017 89
    Empire season 2 is still focused on Lyons family. The struggle for the Empire Entertainment is not over yet. It turned out that Lucious illness is not fatal and it radically changes the situation. He is not ready to lose power. Cookie is also strongly taken place in the record label. Their sons, Hakeem and Jamal are the rising hip-hop stars, but each of them wants to be the heir of the billions company. Andre doesn't have musical talent, but he has a highly qualified managerial skills. He didn't come to terms with the existing realities. His dream is to become the head of the label. His wife Rhonda helps him in this. Billionaire Mimi Whiteman will show interest to the family in the new season. Creating a new empire begins ...
    Empire (2015) season 3 poster

    Season 3

    Jan 8, 2017 92
    Lucius Lyon, director and founder of the successful music label, diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) which is incurable. Lucius is expected to live just a little more than 24 months. He has three sons wanting to take their father's place as director. Jamal and Hakeem are musicians. Andre became a prosperous financier. Now Lyon is faced with a demanding choice as a father. At the same time freed from prison Cookie, his ex-wife is seeking to regain her rightful position as co-originator of the company.
    Empire (2015) season 4 poster

    Season 4

    Jun 28, 2017 98
    Empire season 4 is the continuation of the American TV series on the FOX channel about intrigues in the world of music show business. The events of the 4th season of “Empire” begins with the first Lucious’ public appearance since the explosion in Vegas. Then there will be even more exciting stories in the new season, which the audience will enjoy in full. In particular, we will get acquainted with a new charismatic character, nicknamed Uncle Eddie. He is an icon of the music industry, the author of numerous hits. Moreover, this is the man who first released Lucious Lyon to the radio. As for the family, the passions do not subside, but rather, on the contrary, they will get even stronger. New episodes will tell about betrayal, failures, feelings and self-interest within the dynasty. And the company will be heavily impacted due to the endless misunderstanding in the new episodes of season 4 Empire.