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    Dirty Laundry season 1

    Dirty Laundry season 1 poster

    Episode #01 (): Episode 1

    Donna Rafferty has been cooking the books for years, but when the police cart her off to the slammer, the revelation that mum’s a doyenne of crime comes as a complete shock to her family.

    360p 282.9 MB
    720p 304.1 MB
    Episode #02 (): Episode 2

    Cash causes complications for Kat and Bianca, as there are shocking revelations about relations.

    360p 286.9 MB
    720p 1011.3 MB
    Episode #03 (): Episode 3

    When Donna is accused of murder, Kat finds her suburban mum is anything but ordinary. A misunderstanding leads Matt to romance.

    360p 463.9 MB
    720p 914.2 MB
    Episode #04 (): Episode 4

    Kat is driven to desperate measures. Bianca reveals her betrayal, as Matt’s obsession with Leisha gets him into hot water.

    360p 507.3 MB
    720p 1.0 GB
    Episode #05 (): Episode 5

    As Matt faces a threat, Donna goes to war to protect her grandson. Kat finds the truth about her father – who might not be as dead as he seems.

    360p 513.6 MB
    720p 946.5 MB
    Episode #06 (): Episode 6

    Kat fears her mother’s reputation will kill her career, as Bianca faces hard reality and Matt gets creative in a good cause.

    360p 559.4 MB
    720p 1.0 GB
    Episode #07 (): Episode 7

    Bianca finds the perfect tenant, as Kat finds she’s in a deal with the devil. A condom incident blows up with disastrous consequences for Matt.

    Episode #08 (): Episode 8

    A visitor from Australia puts the family in jeopardy, forcing Matt and Kat to extreme measures. Bianca finds her workmates are her enemy.

    Episode #09 (): Episode 9

    Kat goes to elaborate lengths to arrange for the repayment of a family debt but Trevor holds the key to a successful transaction. Matt "gets real" and recruits some hard-nosed help to fight Vicky for custody of their son. Nana Pat is at the centre of a new business venture.

    Episode #10 (): Episode 10

    Kat and Matt have romantic dilemmas, as Bianca faces a cruel choice. Matt falls victim to a vengeful woman.

    Episode #11 (): Episode 11

    Kat discovers her ex has connections to her mother's money laundering. Matt seeks out new clientele for the brother, Imogen learns she's the sole beneficiary of Dean's life insurance, and Donna's trial begins, briefly.

    Episode #12 (): Episode 12

    Detective Turner puts the family under pressure, Matt deals with an enemy within, and Tane takes a break.

    Episode #13 (): Episode 13

    An unexpected development in court surprises everyone forcing Kat to take extreme action to save Donna. The family reacts to news of Dean's return, Matt makes a decision about his future, Bianca fights for her coworkers and Dean makes progress on the bathroom.