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    Decker season 4

    Decker season 4 poster

    Episode #01 (): All Good Things...

    Special Agent Jack Decker finds himself in a treacherous situation with no one but master codebreaker Jonathan Kington to help. Working together, they must stop a horrible evil and its sinister plans.

    Episode #02 (): The New Recruits

    Young recruit Jack Decker rallies against the PC culture around him to save hundreds of innocent heroes.

    Episode #03 (): The Butterfly Effect

    Decker goes back in time to stop one of the largest attacks against America. Will he succeed, or will he alter the course of human history forever?

    Episode #04 (): Global Hoax

    With an energy crisis plaguing America, Jack Decker and Agent Kington discover a powerful organization at the root of it all.

    Episode #05 (): Band Together

    Supergroup "Dekkar" infiltrates the world's most powerful terrorist group. In the process, Decker learns the true meaning of friendship from one of his closest allies.

    Episode #06 (): A New Hero

    With nowhere to turn and danger looming, Agent Jonathan Kington finds a new champion of American freedom - now he just has to convince him to join the team.