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    Daytime Divas

    Daytime Divas poster
    Rating:6.0/10 (2 votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:7 hours 30 minutes (45 minutes per episode)
    Vanessa Williams Vanessa Williams Tichina Arnold Tichina Arnold Chloe Bridges
    Fiona Gubelmann Camille Guaty McKinley Freeman Chloe Bridges Rich McDonald Jeanine Mason Niko Pepaj McKinley Freeman Camille Guaty Fiona Gubelmann Norm Lewis Kristen Johnson Sarah Mack Ness Bautista Scott Evans Jason Davis Rob Estes Cassady McClincy Tammy Blanchard Adam J. Harrington

    Maxine is the creator and lead host of the popular daytime television show The Lunch Hour – which also has as co-hosts Mo, Kibby, Nina and Heather. On screen, they are great friends, but behind the scenes, they lives a world of power struggles and super-egos. Meanwhile, Maddie, a former host, wants to return to the show and Cecile, a bestselling writer, also wants to become a co-host. This situation worsens when Anna, the Maxine's former assistant, returns as the hard editor-in-chief of a great magazine, who wants to expose the truth about them.

    Daytime Divas season 1 poster

    Season 1

    May 30, 2017 102
    The TV series Daytime Divas on VH1 channel is based on the book “Satan’s Sisters … A Novel of Fiction” by Star Jones. Daytime Divas is a comedy drama about a fictitious daytime talk show called “The Lunch Hour”. The plot revolves around the five participants of this daily TV show. They discuss political news, love, social life, popular gossip, etc. they are good friends, beloved sisters on the screen, who simply have five different points of view. These five TV hosts are Daytime Divas. However, their own lives behind the scenes are like surviving amidst suffering and fights. Their behind-the-scenes life is full of rivalry, love experiences, power struggles, intrigues and frustrations in friendship and people in general.