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    Crunch Time season 1

    Crunch Time season 1 poster

    Episode #01 (): The Beginning

    In a highly classified location, a gang of brilliant, misfit grad students are interrogated by government operatives. The question: How did it all begin? The answer: With a last ditch effort to win back love… by way of an extremely dangerous, untested, lucid dreaming machine.

    360p 206.0 MB
    720p 384.9 MB
    Episode #02 (): The Brain Frame

    Welcome to the Brain Frame - A home-brewed lucid dreaming machine, housed in a university basement lab. Dreams lead to nightmares. Nightmares lead to danger. Danger leads to a puzzling mystery that the government struggles to comprehend.

    360p 224.0 MB
    720p 460.9 MB
    Episode #03 (): The Business

    As government agents learn more about the heightened danger coming from the lab, the gang reveals how the Brain Frame business began. And Hannah’s idea to charge money for lucid dreaming goes awry with their first paying customer.

    360p 313.2 MB
    Episode #04 (): The Big Sleep

    The agents develop a new lead with a missing persons case that ties directly into the Brain Frame. Meanwhile, with the pressure mounting and Larry still missing, Sam begins to crack.

    360p 211.5 MB
    720p 537.8 MB
    Episode #05 (): The Party of the Century

    New revelations of Larry’s location point to signs of a larger conspiracy. With time running out, the government agents threaten enhanced interrogation. Will Sam, Connor, Berkman and Hannah tell the truth about the Party of the Century and how it connects to “the rift?” Mark Moses guest stars as Sam's father, the great Montgomery Wittington.

    360p 311.5 MB
    Episode #06 (): The Moruga

    Time’s up. Party’s over. Truth finally comes to light.