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    Criminal Minds

    Criminal Minds poster
    Rating:8.6/10 (218 votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:224 hours 15 minutes (45 minutes per episode)
    Thomas Gibson Shemar Moore Matthew Gray Gubler
    Joe Mantegna Paget Brewster A.J. Cook Kirsten Vangsness Lola Glaudini Mandy Patinkin Jeanne Tripplehorn Rachel Nichols Jennifer Love Hewitt Aisha Tyler Adam Rodriguez Daniel Henney

    Very often, conventional criminologists find themselves in desperate situations in which the assistance of specialists in behavioral analysis is a must. These professionals have their own methods of work with the help of which attempt to find and understand the motives of crimes, deeply penetrating into every step of the offender and try to think like him, instead of a careful study of the evidence. These professionals like investigating a crime inside and try to comprehend the thought criminals regardless of their nature. Heroes TV series Criminal Minds did exactly the same. The popular American TV series Criminal Minds tells the story of the work team of the best FBI agents which are able to understand and analyze the direction of the most thought-trained offenders, to provide their further actions and as a result prevent the terrible consequences. Tough and principled man Aaron Hotchner leads a team of specialists. He always put work first, and the same attitude demanded from his subordinates. Aaron led the department of talented analysts which need to exercise extraordinary thinking and high intelligence in the performance of their duties. Hence a group the FBI has a certain autonomy. They are subject to the main office and performs the capture of very serious criminals like maniacs, suicide bombers, serial killers. Of course, when it comes to human life, it is extremely important to understand what guided the offender. The name of the series is definitely speaks for itself. After all, the main feature of the activities Hotchner and his command is to compile a psychological portrait for each of the offenders. Job FBI investigators based on a single methodology to think like a criminal. Each member of the FBI division fulfills his responsibilities and is guaranteed to be a necessary and non-replaceable. All employees working at a high level. Their work can be compared to a game of chess, as in the preparation of a psychological portrait of a criminal they calculate all sorts of directions and predicted image of his actions. As a result, they again and again put the mat criminal world. The plot unfolds in the city of Seattle, where a team of experienced professionals walks and roams the streets to find witnesses of bloody crimes. They are willing to go through all the obstacles that prevent the most dangerous crimes and plans of representatives of the criminal world. These agents will do their work even in situations that pose a risk to their lives. New and new adventures are felt daily. And every time the specialists are forced to use different search methods criminologists. Thanks to their intuitive and deductive abilities they are able to find any clues that lead them to the attacker. Each investigation is more stringent, and not every investigator can get to the truth. But not only the main characters of the series, for which there are no unsolvable cases. Each episode of the series is a fascinating detective story, with incredible realism. Viewers will have a unique opportunity with the company of high-FBI agents to visit in the skin of the criminals and provide for their subsequent actions. The draft Criminal Minds crowned in a great success all over the world. As shown by the survey data, the series entered the top ten of the world projects on an equal footing with such series as C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation, Friends, Lost and others. Find an opportunity to assess the series and together with the agents try to calculate the serial killer, arsonist and many other lawbreakers.

    Criminal Minds season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Jan 8, 2017 89
    TV series tells about the work of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) that investigates crimes based on psychological characteristics of criminals. This Unit based in Quantico, Virginia. The BAU is part of the FBI National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime. Experts in forensic behavioral analysis helps reveal blind case. Need to understand the motives of the perpetrator, delving into his every action and trying to think like a criminal. The team is doing the basic characteristics of the victim and the offender, based on evidence, the facts of the case and tries to match this information to the historical precedents and psychological analyzes. Such work is extremely time consuming and requires a knowledge of psychology. The main focus is on the investigation agents Jason Gideon and Aaron Hotchner. Also in their team for behavioral analysis includes agents: Elle Greenaway, Derek Morgan, Jennifer Jareau, Dr. Spencer Reid and technical analyst Penelope Garcia.
    Criminal Minds season 2 poster

    Season 2

    Jan 8, 2017 70
    In the new season, FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit will have a new job. Little boy who disappeared a year ago, was put up for sale on eBay. Head of the department for combating crimes against children refers to Aaron Hotchner for help. They have only one day to save the boy’s life. Gideon faces in a diner with a serial killer with thirty years of experience. Jason wants to persuade him to hand over the location of the kidnapped woman, but it turns out that the murderer took hostage a bus with children.
    Criminal Minds season 3 poster

    Season 3

    Jan 8, 2017 64
    In the third season, Jason Gideon is missing, and Aaron Hotchner applying for a transfer to another department. Founder of behavioral analysis David Rossi returns to service, to catch the killer of his first cases. In Virginia, abducted, mutilated and murdered women. Similar cases have been in the 80s. FBI agents have contacted the sole survivor.
    Criminal Minds season 4 poster

    Season 4

    Jan 8, 2017 74
    The fourth season will tell that ten years ago, Aaron Hotchner investigated the Boston Ripper case, but he did not manage to catch murderer, because the killer fled. Now he is again assumed the case. All the evidence that there is in the Hotchner’s hands – surviving victim George Foyet …
    Criminal Minds season 5 poster

    Season 5

    Jan 8, 2017 72
    Aaron Hotchner for 24 hours did not contact with his colleagues. When Emily Prentiss comes to his apartment, she finds a pool of blood. It turns out that he was attacked by the Boston Ripper. Ripper returns to kill Hotchner’s relatives. FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is necessary in the short term to arrest him. Hotchner takes a vacation to think about his future career.
    Criminal Minds season 6 poster

    Season 6

    Jan 8, 2017 70
    In Bristol discover the body of a woman, characteristic handwriting killer says that the crime was committed by a maniac, for which the agent David Rossi hunting 25 years ago. Emily Prentiss receives news about one of her old acquaintance. Soon she meets up with worst enemy face to face. In Washington, mysterious murders occur, Prentiss decides that Ian Doyle associated with them. She goes to investigate alone, and JJ Jareau is trying to find her.
    Criminal Minds season 7 poster

    Season 7

    Jan 8, 2017 61
    The main characters of the series are the best team of FBI investigators. They are able to understand and analyze the thinking of the most sophisticated criminals, to predict their future behavior and thereby to prevent the terrible crimes. Instead thorough examination of evidence they are trying to find and understand the motives of the crime. While they are working at the crime scene, these professionals are investigating it inside and trying to understand the darkest criminal minds.
    Criminal Minds season 8 poster

    Season 8

    Jan 8, 2017 62
    Elite group of profilers analyze the country’s most dangerous criminals to anticipate their next moves before they can do a new blow. Season 8 will introduce viewers to Alex Blake, the newest member of the BAU. Alex was first to meet with some other characters in the premiere episode titled “Silencer.” He is an linguistics expert and professor of at Georgetown.
    Criminal Minds season 9 poster

    Season 9

    Jan 8, 2017 76
    The hunt for a methodical killer takes the BAU to Arizona to search for an increasingly devolving UnSub, and the team speculates that Hotch is in the running to be the new BAU unit chief. New Section Chief Matt Cruz has a previous working relationship with JJ.
    Criminal Minds season 10 poster

    Season 10

    Jan 8, 2017 84
    In the season 10 Criminal Minds the BAU team investigates a series of murders in Bakersfield, Calif., which have left the victims unidentifiable. Also, the team welcomes new agent Kate Callahan into the BAU fold, who assists them in their efforts in solving the cases.
    Criminal Minds season 11 poster

    Season 11

    Jan 8, 2017 76
    You can find download links to Criminal Minds Season 11 here at ShowFans.Biz. Latest tv episodes available for free. We monitor the air dates of the Show and upload new episodes ASAP.
    Criminal Minds season 12 poster

    Season 12

    Jan 8, 2017 92
    Representatives of the law enforcement services looking for a solution of the most intricate and mysterious moments associated with the violent death of innocent victims. Here embedded psychological characteristics that influence the course of events, as well as work on serial facts. Difficult nature of the work affects the not convergence of family ties - their preservation at scale is not really complicated - how to make a perfectly renewable option professional and quality work? All these difficulties form an uneasy complexity crucial for heroes of choice. The proposed characters to fully complement your feelings - clues will be approximately close. Will add a sense of truthfulness and possible natural facts. Part-time feelings important interest viewing! You will not notice moments!
    Criminal Minds season 13 poster

    Season 13

    May 13, 2017 115
    You can find download links to Criminal Minds Season 13 here at ShowFans.Biz. Latest tv episodes available for free. We monitor the air dates of the Show and upload new episodes ASAP.