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    Cleverman poster
    Rating:6.8/10 (6 votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:12 hours 0 minutes (60 minutes per episode)
    Hunter Page-Lochard Deborah Mailman
    Ryan Corr Frances O'Connor Iain Glen Rob Collins Leeanna Walsman Jack Charles Taylor Ferguson Clarence Ryan Alec Doomadgee Luke Ford Rachael Blake Stef Dawson Tasma Walton Jada Alberts Tamala Shelton Tony Briggs Andrew McFarlane Marcus Graham Tysan Towney Rarriwuy Hick

    Set in the near future, Cleverman focuses on a group of non-humans battling for survival in a world where humans’ inferiority complexes make us want to silence, exploit and kill them. It is also a story of two estranged Indigenous brothers who are forced together to fight for their own survival.

    Cleverman season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Jan 8, 2017 50
    Such a serial shows our future and its peculiarities. Here are a lot of mythology facts, so this TV show will be very interesting for the people of science. The facts are the truth, but they are presented in a very unique way. It shows how hard is for people to struggle for their living in the Earth. Every year different new things appear, so everything become more developed and get into another way of understanding.
    Cleverman season 2 poster

    Season 2

    May 30, 2017 42
    Cleverman season 2 is the continuation of a sci-fi TV series about the existence of a race of fairy-tale creatures called Hairy in our world who look like people outwardly. The plot of the TV show still revolves around the story of the two brothers, who, despite the long-standing hostility, joined forces in the struggle for survival. The main characters have to go through a series of strength tests, from which they are obliged to emerge victorious, in the second season of the TV series Cleverman. Because equilibrium worldwide depends on them. The brothers, along with the remaining survivors, develop a plan to defeat the enemies in the new season. Now they need to implement this plan, and success largely depends on their cohesion. They can destroy the monsters and free the planet from them only in this way so that people can safely continue to live.