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    Channel Zero season 2

    Channel Zero season 2 poster

    All seasons of Channel Zero is based on some creepypastas (popular horror stories from the Internet). Channel Zero season 2 on SyFy channel has a subtitle No-End Howse. The 2nd season will consist of 6 episodes. He will tell the story of Brian Alan Russell about the No-End Howse. Once the company of friends visits a strange house of horrors, consisting of only six frightening rooms. But visitors seems that this house has no-end. The company consists of Margot Sleator and her best friend Jules. They are very devoted to each other, because they have been friends for a long time. Seth, an attractive and charismatic guy with a nice voice, who always fit badly with the company, but immediately reaches an understanding with Margot. And a few interesting guys with them. When the friends come home, they understand that everything has changed. What will be the company’s return to this house we can watch in the new episodes of the season 2 Channel Zero: No-End Howse.

    Watch trailer:

    Episode #01 (): This Isn't Real

    Four friends learn that the No-End House is more than a haunted mansion when they confront strangely personal horrors in each room.

    360p 227.3 MB
    720p 837.3 MB
    Episode #02 (): Nice Neighborhood

    Margot and Jules deal with the presence of The Father as Seth and JT set off on their own terrifying paths; Dylan is on a secret mission to find someone close to him.

    360p 238.1 MB
    720p 740.3 MB
    Episode #03 (): Beware the Cannibals

    Margot flees The Father with the help of Jules, Seth and JT; Dylan attempts to deprogram Lacey; Jules falls deeper under the spell of a sinister influence.

    360p 183.8 MB
    720p 701.6 MB
    Episode #04 (): The Reflection

    The group faces the most dangerous part of House World as they search for the exit; with the Father in pursuit and shocking discoveries about each other revealed, tensions within the group simmer.

    360p 216.1 MB
    720p 795.1 MB
    Episode #05 (): The Damage

    Margot, Jules, and Seth face new horror as The Father wreaks havoc in the real world.

    360p 187.2 MB
    720p 4.0 MB
    Episode #06 (): The Hollow Girl

    Jules goes back inside the No-End House to rescue Margot, and together, they must finally deal with Seth and The Father to escape before it's too late.

    360p 198.9 MB
    720p 751.8 MB