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    Castle poster
    Rating:8.8/10 (468 votes)
    First aired:
    Runtime:129 hours 45 minutes (45 minutes per episode)
    Stana Katic Nathan Fillion Susan Sullivan Molly C. Quinn Jon Huertas Seamus Dever Tamala Jones Ruben Santiago-Hudson Penny Johnson

    We present to your attention an American comedy-drama project Castle. Andrew W. Marlowe creator of this series tells the story about the famous writer of detective fiction Richard Castle and Detective Kate Beckett. Showing the first season of Castle held on 9 March 2009. The series was continued on the eighth season of May 7, 2015. Beginning of the season was held on 21 September. Events series Castle occur in the United States in modern reality. Kate Beckett is a detective of homicide NYPD. She was able to express herself as a brilliant investigator therefore she has to deal with the most unusual and mysterious murders. During the investigation next the crime scene, Kate notices some similarities with the circumstances of the events of the novel of the famous writer Richard Castle titled Flowers on your grave - the body of the victim who is the daughter of a wealthy businessman was strewn with rose petals, and in front were two flowers of sunflower. Kate suggested that the literary work can be useful in the investigation. So Kate decides to talk with the author of the novel. At this time the Castle sad at a party intended the exit of his new book. The author feels that his creative crisis is not far off, and lest not to be repeated at the end of the season Richard inflict punishment on the protagonist of most of his detective stories. Derek Storm faithfully served its creator for many years and brought him worldwide fame and good status. His agent and ex-wife criticized him for a very hasty decision. Colleagues writers were also dissatisfied with this outcome. While Castle talking with sensible 15-year-old daughter of Alexis and mother, the house visited by Kate Beckett which asks Castle to go with her on the slot to discuss something. However, the conversation is not clarified the circumstances of the crime. Kate found only that inventor of the novel has no relation to this crime. Castle was flattered by high intelligence and independence of Kate, who had absolutely nothing to do with his groupies. So the next day Castle with the help of his relations demanded the right to help Beckett investigate the matter. But in reality, Castle operates within the limits of his personal interests, because he feels the exhaustion of fantasy, so wanted to make the material for the new product. Kate responded well to the emergence of a consultant who has a flippant attitude to her work and investigation of crimes. Castle was able to find evidence that points to the discrepancy between the actual kills with murder in his novel. Castle also collected information for the new book, the main character of which will be female detective named Nikki Heat. It is clear that the Kate Beckett was the prototype of Nikki. Orientation of the book on the compound of the police detective and romantic lines are well flavored with humor was able justify itself. Soon the series took the leading position near hits such as 24 hours, Dr. House and others. Authors of Castle have focused on the characters of the heroes. Huge impression attractive, smart and strong spirit of Beckett and talented, decisive Castle, as well as their relationships that reside within the love and hate. The actors of the series said that this story reminds mixture was combined works. It is important to mention that in 2010, the actors who played the main roles were nominated Satellite Awards on behalf of the International Press Academy for Best Actress and Best Actor of drama.

    Castle season 1 poster

    Season 1

    Jan 8, 2017 96
    The plot is Richard Castle, a famous writer in the genre of detective. Rick lives in the same house with his mother, Broadway star Martha Rodgers, and resourceful daughter Alexis Castle. Being in a creative crisis, the writer finds out that the real criminal began to imitate the scene of the murder of his books. The homicide detective with the NYPD’s 12th Precinct Kate Beckett interrogates Castle. Kate is smart, attractive, resolute, and holds an investigation under strict control. Castle can’t miss the chance to get away from his everyday bored life and decides to help in the investigation and capture the mysterious killer. Having friendships with many influential people in the city, he gets the opportunity to attend all investigations conducted by Detective Beckett until he gather enough material for his next book. Beckett became as the model of the main character for his next book series – Nikki Heat.
    Castle season 2 poster

    Season 2

    Jan 8, 2017 83
    Detective NYPD Kate Beckett and successful author of detective thrillers, Richard Castle continue to conduct joint investigations most confusing and mysterious crimes in the largest city of the world. But not only the disclosure of crimes busy couple of detectives. They themselves destined to be in mortal danger, and of their relationship based on a carefully concealed both romantic attachment to each other, destined to enter a new stage. In addition, Richard still have with his daughter Alexis decide her teenage problems and patiently watch for new escapades of his mother, a former Broadway actress Martha Rodgers, whose behavior is sometimes less reasonable and logical, than her granddaughter’s actions.
    Castle season 3 poster

    Season 3

    Jan 8, 2017 71
    Events in the next season of Castle inextricably linked with the plot of the previous season. Each episode of the third season is divided into a plurality of secondary plot the trajectories that are closely linked. Richard started writing a new book after a previous case was closed. Now Beckett had to get used to working without him. Their link was interrupted. But not for long. After some time, an FBI agent investigated new incidents. She was surprised when she saw with next victim Richard Castle. Kate had to detain him, but she felt that he was not guilty of this crime. Castle realized that yearns for investigations when he came to the department. He decided to go to the mayor of the city with a request to put him to this investigation. Castle wanted to prove himself as a consultant again. He relied on the fact that Beckett will be pleased with this decision. He wanted the manifestations of unexpected and pleasant actions from her side. But that did not happen. Neither he nor she are not at risk to make the first move. At this time there are new facts about an old murder that Beckett leads. She hopes that they will point to the many and possibly give a chance to solve the crime.
    Castle season 4 poster

    Season 4

    Jan 8, 2017 83
    Richard Castle and Kate Beckett – a terrific duet of two totally dissimilar people. They are a great couple. He – a detective, she – a psychologist. Together they reveal the most complicated murder. All this happens with humor and good relations.
    Castle season 5 poster

    Season 5

    Jan 8, 2017 82
    “Castle” is an American comedy-drama TV series. After a serial killer imitates the plots of his novels, successful mystery novelist Richard “Rick” Castle gets permission from the Mayor of New York to participate in the investigation. Last season they have the best night of their lifes. Is it was the biggest mistake they ever made? In this season we touch immediate consequences of what Castle and Beckett are now a pair, and pretty painful break and possibly solve the case of the Johanna Beckett’s murder .
    Castle season 6 poster

    Season 6

    Jan 8, 2017 79
    Castle and Beckett finally gave into their feelings for each other. Working together as a couple during Season 5, the crime-solving dynamic duo navigated new chapters in their lives, culminating in a cliffhanger in which Castle got down on one knee and asked Beckett to marry him. Five years watched and waited the answer. New season will begin with her answer...
    Castle season 7 poster

    Season 7

    Jan 8, 2017 76
    Season 7 of “Castle” is set to reveal what happened to Rick Castle. Kate Beckett is faced with the toughest case of her career after finding Castle’s car engulfed in flames. It looks it will take some time before she finds Castle. The consequences and the mystery related to the disappearance are expected to be revealed over the course of the new season.
    Castle season 8 poster

    Season 8

    Jan 8, 2017 75
    Castle season 8 continues the story of a loving couple, Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. Kate has not abandoned the possibility of a new job. Castle's career is also updated. Now, writer's Detective Agency becomes a real business with interesting investigations, including the mysterious disappearance of his father. In addition, he's got a new partner. Hayley Vargas is a former Scotland Yard police officer who works as a security specialist. She's not afraid to cross a certain line for the sake of her purpose and will work closely with Castle. Of course, this fact may not like Kate. Caskett have to go through more challenges in their relationship. Alexis ripe for amorous adventures, and this also adds the problems to her father.