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    Better Call Saul season 3

    Better Call Saul season 3 poster

    The protagonist and charming lawyer called Jimmy McGill runs the risk of going to jail in the upcoming season 3 of the crime tv series Better Call Saul. It seems that his brother Chuck prepares to bring into play a dictaphone record in which the unborn Saul confesses to the forgery of documents … It is possible that the lawyer will have to take on a new name due to problems with the law. The audiences will finally meet Saul Goodman in the third season. However, he will not look like the guy they saw on the TV series “Breaking Bad”. An important part of the plot of Better Call Saul season 3 will also be Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring. The audience will learn how Fring managed to build his empire.

    Watch trailer:

    Episode #01 (): Mabel

    Jimmy and Chuck's relationship deteriorates. Kim feels the pressure of running her own firm. Mike investigates the note left on his car.

    360p 332.2 MB
    720p 1015.2 MB
    Episode #02 (): Witness

    Jimmy and Kim hire an assistant. Mike seeks out a mysterious acquaintance. Chuck uses the law to gain an advantage over Jimmy.

    360p 334.2 MB
    720p 1022.0 MB
    Episode #03 (): Sunk Costs

    Jimmy decides to represent a new client to Kim's dismay. Mike meets a formidable ally who gives a most tempting offer.

    360p 252.2 MB
    720p 959.2 MB
    Episode #04 (): Sabrosito

    Jimmy asks a favor of Mike. New complications disrupt Salamancas' business. Chuck and Jimmy struggle with a compromise.

    360p 317.3 MB
    720p 900.2 MB
    Episode #05 (): Chicanery

    Kim and Jimmy face off with an adversary. Jimmy looks to Chuck's past to secure his future. Jimmy loses an ally and gains another.

    360p 332.7 MB
    720p 688.1 MB
    Episode #06 (): Off Brand

    Jimmy has a new endeavor. Chuck pushes himself to the limit. Nacho finds himself in a power struggle.

    360p 309.3 MB
    720p 903.0 MB
    Episode #07 (): Expenses

    Jimmy tries to settle debts. Nacho reunites with an acquaintance. Mike helps Stacey with a project and makes a connection.

    360p 276.5 MB
    720p 1.1 GB
    Episode #08 (): Slip

    Jimmy is pushed to desperate measures. Nacho picks up a skill. Mike explores an alliance. Kim stands up to Hamlin.

    360p 253.3 MB
    720p 844.9 MB
    Episode #09 (): Fall

    Jimmy visits a friend and takes up an old pastime. Chuck and Hamlin argue over the future of the firm. Kim faces challenges.

    360p 248.9 MB
    720p 931.3 MB
    Episode #10 (): Lantern

    Kim takes time off. Jimmy tries to make amends. Nacho gambles with his future. Hamlin pushes Chuck to make a decision.

    360p 253.0 MB
    720p 996.6 MB