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    Banshee season 1

    Banshee season 1 poster

    Lucas Hood has just been released from prison, where he remained for fifteen years. Despite this, he hijacks a car and sent to a former co-defendant Job, to find out where a person lives, he is looking for. Lucas comes to town Banshee with a population of 11.400 people where hiding who he needs. At the bar, Lucas became a witness the shooting, which killed the new sheriff of the town. As it turned out, the sheriff’s name is Lucas Hood. The main character comes a crazy idea – to usurp the identity of the deceased. Job – a hacker is able to crack any system and provides the necessary documentation for Lucas. Nobody has not been seen the new sheriff, and no one knows what he looks like. After receiving the work and guidance of the mayor, Lucas tries to enforce the law suit itself …

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    Episode #01 (): Pilot

    A recently paroled master thief assumes the identity of Lucas Hood, sheriff-in-waiting of Banshee, Pa. Keeping his history a secret, Lucas befriends boxer-turned-bartender Sugar Bates, and settles into his new life as Banshee’s sheriff. Lucas inadvertently gets tangled up in the rampant corruption of shunned Amish gangster Kai Proctor, while keeping a vigilant eye out for Mr. Rabbit, the New York mob boss who wants revenge against Lucas and former partner and lover Carrie for the jewel heist that landed Lucas in prison.

    360p 489.6 MB
    720p 378.9 MB
    Episode #02 (): The Rave

    Hanson decides to hold a rave in an Amish barn, selling homemade E pills stolen from Proctor to Banshee youth including Deva, Carrie’s rebellious daughter. Catching wind of the plan, Lucas and his team orchestrate a raid, but the effects of a tainted batch of pills send many revelers into convulsions, with one notable fatality.

    360p 426.9 MB
    720p 396.8 MB
    Episode #03 (): Meet the New Boss

    A mixed martial arts title bout is being planned at the local Kinaho Moon Casino, run by tribe leader Benjamin Longshadow and his son. Huge profits are anticipated for Banshee investors, but the enterprise is threatened when the champion angers Lucas.

    360p 460.4 MB
    720p 379.7 MB
    Episode #04 (): Half Deaf is Better Than Half Dead

    A botched museum heist in Harrisburg has unintended consequences, as Lucas, Carrie and Job renew their partnership. After coercing redneck henchman Arno to offer up incriminating evidence, Lucas and Emmett arrest Proctor for Hanson’s murder, but are detoured on the way to the jail.

    360p 476.8 MB
    720p 380.2 MB
    Episode #05 (): The Kindred

    A band of marauding bikers crashes the annual Banshee Spirit Festival, with deadly consequences, sparking Lucas and Siobhan to meter out vigilante justice. Burned after losing his key witness against Proctor, Lucas is further dismayed when an FBI agent arrives to monitor the situation. Rebecca Bowman, torn between passion and her Amish roots, finds a kindred spirit in the sheriff.

    360p 349.7 MB
    720p 379.8 MB
    Episode #06 (): Wicks

    An ex-con from Lucas’ past passes through Banshee, triggering memories about the Albino, a brutal insider enlisted by Rabbit to make Lucas’ prison life a living hell. Proctor turns to extortion when a reverend refuses to sell his home to make room for a casino hotel.

    360p 359.6 MB
    720p 379.6 MB
    Episode #07 (): Behold a Pale Rider

    Lucas’ cover is threatened when Carrie decides to give him over to Rabbit in an effort to protect herself and her family. A drug store robbery turns into a full-blown hostage crisis at the high school, with Deva and Mayor Kendall’s wife among those whose lives are imperiled.

    360p 292.0 MB
    720p 381.0 MB
    Episode #08 (): We Shall Live Forever

    Carrie urges Lucas to let go of the past, even as an increasingly suspicious Gordon is hell-bent on uncovering hers. Cast out of her Amish home, Rebecca turns to Proctor to give her a new start in Banshee. A surprise visit from Rabbit’s lieutenant brings back a flood of memories for Carrie. As his family keeps vigil for the ailing Benjamin Longshadow, Alex gets a surprise visit from his sister.

    360p 369.5 MB
    720p 379.7 MB
    Episode #09 (): Always the Cowboy

    As Rabbit closes in on Carrie and Lucas, Carrie flees the hospital in a desperate attempt to collect her family and get them out of town. Kai introduces Rebecca to the business world, and sends Lucas a message about fooling around with his niece. Alex Longshadow recruits a Proctor thug with gambling issues to deal with a work-stoppage problem at the casino.

    360p 375.8 MB
    720p 381.2 MB
    Episode #10 (): A Mixture of Madness

    Recalling a series of prison therapy sessions that fueled his hatred of Rabbit, and pressed by Xavier’s insistence that the FBI handle a kidnapping case, Lucas makes a decision that will change the collective fate of Carrie, her family, Sugar, Job and the entire Banshee police force. A special delivery at Alex’s doorstep leads Nola to reconsider her future. Kai teaches Rebecca the power of telecommunications.

    360p 471.7 MB
    720p 380.1 MB