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    Backstage season 1

    Backstage season 1 poster

    Episode #01 (): The First Day

    Best friends Vanessa and Carly start their first day at the prestigious Keaton School of the Arts; they quickly find themselves competing against each other.

    Episode #02 (): Groups of Two

    Vanessa and Carly are forced to find new dance partners; Jax feels that Miles gets preferential treatment in music class; Alya deals with a celebrity classmate.

    Episode #03 (): The Brightside

    Julie, the student council president, plans a freshman orientation; things get tense with Carly and Vanessa; Miles keeps a secret.

    Episode #04 (): Take Me Out

    Bianca recruits a reluctant classmate to help create a song; Denzel tries to impress his artistic hero; Carly helps Vanessa impress prima dancers.

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    Episode #05 (): Stand Tall

    Carly worries about her duet with Sasha; Jax is taken out of his comfort zone; Denzel and Kit work with a singer that has an attitude.

    Episode #06 (): Dig Deeper

    Alya's new musical partnership doesn't sync up; Scarlet struggles with a movement; Carly forgets her and Vannessa's friendiversary.

    360p 147.2 MB
    Episode #07 (): In Their Shoes

    Jax is concerned about Miles' new lease on life; Carly and Vanessa compete against each other during mid-term auditions.

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    720p 565.5 MB
    Episode #08 (): On Deck

    Jax challenges Kit to a DJ battle; Bianca desperately tries to impress her mother; Denzel's costume defsigns are put to the test.

    360p 146.4 MB
    720p 572.1 MB
    Episode #09 (): Sotto Voce

    Kit risks expulsion for refusing to give up her secret; Vanessa wants to impress Ms. Helsweel and asks Carly for help; Miles shares studio space with Julie.

    360p 143.1 MB
    720p 578.9 MB
    Episode #10 (): The Understudy

    Alya's rivalry with Bianca intensifies with her celebrity status; Sasha develops a plan to win Carly's friendship back; Scarlett loses her voice.

    360p 146.9 MB
    720p 566.6 MB
    Episode #11 (): Lose Yourself

    Vanessa pushes herself to impress Ms. Maria; Julie takes a stand for artistic expression; Bianca rethinks her future at Keaton.

    360p 148.6 MB
    Episode #12 (): Plays Well With Others

    Vanessa's status in the primas is at risk because of her personal life; Scarlett tries to find her voice in an a capella group; Miles seeks out his crush.

    360p 149.5 MB
    Episode #13 (): Hold On

    Carly struggles to cheer Vanessa up; Bianca tries to come clean; Denzel works to make his mark on the art world before turning 14.

    360p 147.9 MB
    Episode #14 (): Twelve Hours to Showtime

    Midterm performances are looming; Vanessa wants to dance in the freshman ballet, even with her injury; Miles is unhappy with Alya's level of commitment to their partnership.

    360p 141.5 MB
    Episode #15 (): Showtime

    The curtains draw on Keanton's midterm performances; the fate of every student hangs in the balance as their hard work is finally on display.

    360p 155.1 MB
    Episode #16 (): Restart

    School is back in session but nothing is as it was before the break; new musical partnerships, changing dynamics in the dance stream and missing faces in the halls.

    360p 179.0 MB
    720p 642.9 MB
    Episode #17 (): Juggle

    Sasha finds himself caught in the middle of Vanessa and Carly's feud; Miles must come to grips with the new normal at Keaton.

    360p 147.7 MB
    Episode #18 (): Eyes Forward

    Bianca's feelings for Jax resurface when she agrees to do a favor for Jenna; the arrival of a mysterious film student has Carly distracted from dance.

    360p 142.3 MB
    Episode #19 (): Once in a Lifetime

    Vanessa's frustration with not being able to dance reaches a boiling point; Miles is shocked when a familiar face returns.

    360p 149.2 MB
    Episode #20 (): Da Capo

    Alya tries to rejoin the crowd at Keaton but meets with hostility; Kit tries to put herself into her music; Carly questions her feelings for Austin.

    360p 146.8 MB
    Episode #21 (): Friend or Foe

    The music students try to get through a difficult day despite their differences; Vanessa makes a promise but wonders if she'll be able to keep it; Denzel has to give a friend bad news.

    360p 150.2 MB
    Episode #22 (): Verite

    Julie feels guilty after cheating on her PSATs; an assignment hits an emotional nerve with Scarlett; Carly's insecurities take over.

    360p 150.3 MB
    720p 596.7 MB
    Episode #23 (): Step Up

    360p 148.2 MB
    720p 595.8 MB
    Episode #24 (): Ensemble

    720p 195.1 MB
    Episode #25 (): After the Flood

    720p 219.6 MB
    Episode #26 (): Try Again

    360p 149.9 MB
    720p 623.4 MB
    Episode #27 (): Fallout

    360p 149.7 MB
    Episode #28 (): Lead the Way

    360p 142.2 MB
    720p 639.8 MB
    Episode #30 (): We

    720p 715.5 MB