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    Andi Mack season 2

    Andi Mack season 2 poster

    Watch trailer:

    Episode #01 (): Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

    Andi encourages Bowie to plan a future with Bex; Cyrus introduces his girlfriend, Iris, to Andi and Buffy; Jonah invites Andi to the Space Otters' party.

    360p 287.6 MB
    720p 1021.6 MB
    Episode #02 (): Chinese New Year

    Andi invites Jonah to her Chinese New Year celebration, which gets awkward when Celia’s sister Aunt Mei visits. Buffy signs up for the boys’ basketball team tryouts.

    360p 154.4 MB
    720p 586.5 MB
    Episode #03 (): Friends Like These

    Andi tries to convince her friends to find a new hangout spot to avoid Amber at The Spoon. Buffy tries out for the boys’ basketball team.

    360p 154.9 MB
    720p 469.0 MB
    Episode #04 (): Mama

    Andi learns more about her past on the anniversary of the day Bex left home. Jonah attempts to teach Cyrus how to skateboard.

    360p 137.0 MB
    720p 656.7 MB
    Episode #05 (): The Snorpion

    Andi invites Amber over for a sleepover. Buffy is frustrated when the basketball team captain TJ excludes her from gameplay.

    360p 137.3 MB
    720p 512.5 MB
    Episode #06 (): Wanna Hold Your Wristband

    Andi takes a stand when students are divided into two groups, and one group receives preferential treatment; Andi also learns AndiShack is in jeopardy.

    360p 133.1 МБ
    720p 504.5 МБ
    Episode #07 (): Head Over Heels

    Andi and Jonah go on a double date with Buffy and Marty to an arcade. Meanwhile, Cyrus decides to shoot a movie with Bex’s encouragement.

    360p 149.6 MB
    720p 567.4 MB
    Episode #08 (): There's a Mack in the Shack

    When Andi and Celia spend more time together, Bex feels jealous. Buffy agrees to tutor TJ if he agrees to pass her the ball on the court.

    360p 155.3 MB
    720p 623.8 MB
    Episode #09 (): You're the One that I Want

    Andi questions her relationship with Jonah. After a discouraging talk with Amber, Andi enlists Buffy and Cyrus to investigate.

    360p 146.8 MB
    720p 552.2 MB
    Episode #10 (): A Good Hair Day

    Andi and Bex turn Bowie’s birthday blues around when they plan a surprise party for him. Jonah joins Andi, Cyrus and Buffy on their annual trip to the Renaissance Faire.

    360p 152.1 MB
    720p 576.7 MB
    Episode #11 (): Miniature Gulf

    Andi and Bex discover that Bowie may be seeing someone and Andi asks to meet her. Cyrus is tapped to make a video for the school, but realizes he may be better behind the camera.

    360p 138.9 MB
    720p 524.0 MB
    Episode #12 (): We Were Never

    Andi is left confused when Jonah stops wearing the bracelet and tells her he doesn’t like labels. At her basketball game, Buffy finally gets what she has been hoping for.

    Episode #13 (): Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

    After much preparation and planning, Cyrus’ Bar Mitzvah festivities commence. Andi and her friends and family all join him in the celebration, which is full of landmark events for more than just Cyrus.