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    Acceptable Risk season 1

    Acceptable Risk season 1 poster

    Episode #01 (): Episode 1

    When her husband, Lee, is murdered, Sarah Manning comes to realize that she knows nothing about his past. Sarah begins to question who Lee actually was and what he did in his work for a powerful global organization. And why did Lee, a salesman, need to carry a gun?

    360p 294.2 МБ
    Episode #02 (): Episode 2

    Sarah is warned to drop her investigation into her husband's death or suffer dangerous consequences, which only leaves her more determined to uncover the truth - and leads to a surprising revelation about Lee's work.

    360p 294.3 МБ
    720p 278.8 MB
    Episode #03 (): Episode 3

    With the case suddenly closed, Sarah is thrown into freefall before making an unexpected discovery.

    360p 339.5 МБ
    Episode #04 (): Episode 4

    Emer defies her superiors and offers to help Sarah get to the truth, supplying her with information about Lee. However, the CEO of Gumbiner-Fischer will stop at nothing to bury the facts - and it soon emerges that his influence over both the government and police is just the beginning of the power he can exert.

    360p 340.8 МБ
    Episode #05 (): Episode 5

    Horrified by Hoffman's ruthlessness, Nulty capitulates, encouraging Emer to officially re-open the case.

    360p 341.0 МБ
    Episode #06 (): Episode 6

    A leaked document and search warrant soon lead Sarah and Emer to the true horror Hoffman fought so hard to conceal, exposing a collusion and a cover-up striking deep into the heart of one of Ireland’s most shameful histories.

    360p 338.3 МБ