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    3 percent season 1

    3 percent season 1 poster

    This series takes us into the future. The population of the planet divided into two groups. The first group lives on the dry land in poverty, they are a bigger part of people. And the second group of people live in the virtual world. Every year people, which have reached 20 years of age, can get into Offshore with special tests called Process. And only three percent of young people are able to pass these tests. Other people can not to enjoy with perfect life on the sea shelf. Everyone is fighting for their place under the sun. They are ready to do everything: to fake a registration, to outwit the opponent, come what may. In the next assignment, a young man named Raphael stole the cube from the other contender to collect the required number of cubes. In subsequent tests the number of participants will gradually reduced. Over time, it turns out that Joanna killed the gangster's son. That's why she forged the registration -she want to lurk. The organizers of the test have changed the rules this time. Now participants do not have food. How will they react to this turn of events? Who of them will reach the final? Will they change the rules of test again? Watch it!

    Episode #01 (): Chapter 01: Cubes

    In a grimy near-future, 20-year-olds stream to a sleek testing facility to compete for a spot in an idyllic land known as the Offshore.

    360p 337.0 MB
    720p 1.3 GB
    Episode #02 (): Chapter 02: Coins

    Fernando's medical exam yields a stunning discovery, a logic puzzle stokes tension in the group, and Aline tries to find out what Ezequiel is hiding.

    360p 324.7 MB
    720p 1.4 GB
    Episode #03 (): Chapter 03: Corridor

    A nerve-wrecking trip through a dark tunnel leaves Joana haunted by a vision from her past. Ezequiel receives an unexpected visitor.

    360p 292.5 MB
    720p 887.6 MB
    Episode #04 (): Chapter 04: Gateway

    Trapped in the dorms without food and water, the candidates race to find a solution. A studden change in the test brings out a new side of Marco.

    360p 337.1 MB
    720p 1.3 GB
    Episode #05 (): Chapter 05: Water

    Painful memories come flooding back to Ezequiel as Aline reveals she's learned and offers to keep it quiet - for a price.

    360p 315.8 MB
    720p 921.8 MB
    Episode #06 (): Chapter 06: Glass

    Candidates find a tempting offer waiting for them in their new dorm rooms. Those who decide to stay face dauting individual tests.

    360p 311.2 MB
    720p 1.0 GB
    Episode #07 (): Chapter 07: Capsule

    A night of celebration turns chaotic as Process officials realize there's a traitor in their midst and begin interrogating the candidates.

    360p 267.3 MB
    720p 866.9 MB
    Episode #08 (): Chapter 08: Button

    On the morning of the Purification Ritual, starting revelations and shifting loyalties leave the fates of four candidates hanging in the balance

    360p 328.9 MB
    720p 1.2 GB